About the Rotary Coordinator Program

RI Programs, New Generations and "Enhance the Rotary Experience" Programs

ARC Jim Probsdorfer
Contact: Jim Probsdorfer, ARC for RI Programs, New Generations and "Enhance the Rotary Experience" Programs at probs@verizon.net

Participation in R.I. Programs Makes Clubs Strong, and are the Proven, Signature Programs of Rotary.

Rotary clubs do great things in their local communities. They are made of quality, successful and motivated business, professional and community leaders, so that's it's not surprising that when they come together they are successful and accomplish great things.

To assist Rotary clubs, Rotary International has adopted several specific programs as the "official programs" of Rotary. These programs have been very successful on a global basis, and appeal to two great loves of Rotarians: Projects for Youth (New Generations), and Fellowship Activities ("Enhance the Rotary Experience").

Clubs that participate in the Youth Programs (New Generations) find that they are greatly energized by their interaction with young people, and have opportunities to mentor and be examples to them. Programs such as Interact (Ages 12-18), Rotaract (Ages 18-30), Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conferences (RYLA) (Ages 14-30, usually for High School age in the US) and Youth Exchange (Ages 15-19, and Ages 19-25 for New Generations Exchanges) are service fundamentals for most Rotary clubs. Get the Interactive E-Newsletter. See RI Pres. Ray Klinginsmith's Comments on New Generations. See Zone 33's New Generations Flyer.

Rotarians who participate in the "Enhance the Rotary Experience" Programs, find that they can advance their individual interests and activities, and expand their circle of Rotary friends at the same time. Many Rotarians get great personal and professional satisfaction through activities with Rotarian Action Groups (RAGs), Rotary Community Corps (RCC), Global Networking Groups, and Rotary Friendship Exchange. Click a link to find out more about a specific programs.

The RI Strategic Plan has as its first pillar of three, Supporting and Strengthening Rotary clubs. This includes:
  • Balance activities in all Avenues of Service
  • Promote membership diversity
The second pillar is Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service. This includes:
  • New Generations Service Programs
  • Expand Cooperative Relationships 
All of these areas of emphasis are important for growing and nurturing a good Rotary club.

Resources for RI Programs

Youth Exchange. Multi-District Youth Exchange Organizations serving Zone 33 districts: Eastern States Student Exchange (ESSEX), and Ohio-Erie Rotary Youth Exchange Program. View List of Certified/ Non-Certified Youth Exchange Districts in Zone 33. Get the Youth Exchange E-Newsletter. Get the Interactive E-Newsletter. Rotary Youth Exchange Officer Resources.

Rotary Action Groups. Latest Information on RAGs (4/2011). View a List of all RAGs and contact information/websites. World Health Fairs RAG.

Rotary Fellowships. View a List of all Rotary Fellowships and contact information/websites. Rotary Fellowship: Cycling to Serve.

Interact. View Zone 33 Statistics. Get the Interact E-Newsletter. Get the Interactive E-Newsletter. Interact Video Contest. Interact Video Contest YouTube page.

New Generations Newsletters. Oct 2010.

New Generations Webinars. Oct 2011.

Rotaract. View Zone 33 Statistics. Get the Rotaract E-Newsletter. Get the Interactive E-Newsletter. Move Rotaract into a Satellite Rotary Club?

Rotary Community Corps. View Zone 33 Statistics.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Get the RYLA E-Newsletter. Learn about READ - RYLA Education & Training Institute in Cedar Mountain, NC October 15-17, 2010. RYLA Conference North America, Washington DC, July 20-24, 2011.

Zone 33 RI Programs Goals

Our Goal is to help Districts help their Clubs. In this regard, we will:
  1. Conduct a Zone Assembly as a way of publicizing our role and making the RC Team available. 
  2. Arrange Listening Tours to determine the specific needs of districts an clubs, and to build relationships of support.  
  3. Be available as resources and speakers for Assemblies, Conferences and Training Events for R.I. Program related topics. 
  4. Support GETS, DG and DGN Training with appropriate content.
  5. TBD