About the Rotary Coordinator Program

Public Image, Vocational Service and Networking

J.W. Arnold
Public Image Resource Group Coordinator
Zone 33
Contact: J.W. Arnold, Public Image Resource Group Coordinator for Enhancing Public Image and Increasing Awareness at jw@prdconline.com

"Hiding Our Light Under a Barrel", No More! 

For many years Rotary clubs did good works in private, not seeking publicity, and resting on the premise that the good deed stood on its own, and it was somehow unseemly to call attention to it. However, times change, and one of the inescapable facts of life is that public image is important for the Rotary organization, and vital if membership development efforts are to be successful.

Despite some changes in semantics and approach, Membership development remains a priority issue for Rotary and Rotary clubs.

The RI Strategic Plan has as its third pillar, Enhancing Public Image and Increasing Awareness. This includes:
  • Unify image and brand awareness
  • Publicize action-oriented service
  • Promote core values
  • Emphasize vocational service
  • Encourage clubs to promote their networking opportunities and signature activities
These aspects are vital for the continued growth of Rotary clubs.

Public Image Resource Group

For many years, Rotarians have been appointed in each Zone by the RI President, to serve as Public Interest Resource Group (PIRG) Coordinators. The Public Image Resource Group provides information and support to Rotary clubs and districts to help them promote projects, share success stories, and explain what Rotary is and does through the media. It also works to improve the organization’s overall public image.

Group members, many of whom are public relations and marketing professionals, particularly focus on assisting Rotarians, clubs, and districts in developing plans and initiating activities that will enhance the organization’s local visibility and help implement Rotary’s global public image campaign. J.W. Arnold, our PIRG Coordinator, runs a marketing and PR firm in the Washington DC area. He is a voluntary member of the RC Team.

Public Relations Resources.

Public Relations Grants. Districts may apply for PR Grants through Rotary International. Click here to view a list of of PR Grants awarded for 2010-11 to Zone 33 Districts.

Go to the RI Media and News Page at Rotary.org Find Rotary PSAs to run in your local media. Rotary's "Humanity in Motion" Campaign. Click here for a video on customizing your local "Humanity in Motion" Campaign.

Sign Up for the PR Tips E-Newsletter.

Free Webinar on Developing a Club Website. October 2010. Five Tips to Make Your Club Website Shine.

Social Media & PR Presentations from the 2011 Convention- Download.

Tips for Getting Your Club News Published at Rotary International.

Vocational Service Resources. 

RI Print Resources. An Introduction to Vocational Service (255-EN),

Our Goal is to help Districts help their Clubs. In this regard, we will:
  1. Conduct a Zone Assembly as a way of publicizing our role and making the RC Team available. 
  2. Arrange Listening Tours to determine the specific needs of districts an clubs, and to build relationships of support.  
  3. Assist the RC Team in use of PR tools and develop consistent strategies.
  4. Encourage the use of PR Grants.
  5. Look for methods of collaboration among districts and clubs to tell the Rotary story.
  6. Be available as resources and speakers for PR and other activities.
  7. Support GETS, DG and DGN Training with appropriate content.
  8. TBD