About the Rotary Coordinator Program

Membership Development, Diversity and Extension

ARC Tim Mannix
Contact: Tim Mannix, ARC for Membership Development, Extension & Diversity at mannix7710@earthlink.net

Welcome Message from ARC Tim Mannix 

Hello District membership chairs and those interested in membership issues. I’m the new Rotary Coordinator for Membership in Zone 33. I thought I’d let you all know how I’d like to work together. You’re busy and so am I! I don’t want to deluge you with e-mails and data. My primary goal is to help you get whatever information you desire that you could pass on to your clubs. We have a website called Zone 33 Rotary Resources. If you want keep up with the latest and greatest just click on to the site. I’m primarily interested in sharing with you ‘best practices’ I run across in the Rotary world. My plan would be to send you something at least once a month that I think your Clubs might be interested in.

I hope you’ll contact me with any questions or concerns you have regarding membership, diversity or extension, and I’ll run down an answer for you. Given enough notice I’ll be happy to attend Assemblies or Conferences to discuss membership, branding, or facilitate membership and retention sessions for you. Let me know how you’d like to use me in your efforts to gain and retain Rotarians.

Membership a Priority

Despite some changes in semantics and approach, Membership development remains a priority issue for Rotary and Rotary clubs.

The RI Strategic Plan has as its first pillar of three, Supporting and Strengthening Rotary clubs. This includes:
• Foster club innovation and flexibility
• Balance activities in all Avenues of Service
• Promote membership diversity
• Improve member recruitment and retention
• Develop leaders
• Extend Rotary
• Encourage strategic planning at club and district levels.

All of these areas of emphasis are important for growing and nurturing a good Rotary club.

Transition from RRIMC Program

All of these areas of emphasis were also components of the Regional RI Membership Coordinator (RRIMC) Program, which was phased out as of July 1, 2010. Several members of the RC Team have been working in membership development activities at the Zone and District levels for many years, including RC Bevin Wall who is the immediate past Regional RI Membership Coordinator, and ARC for Membership Tim Mannix, who was a Regional Membership Assistant.

Membership Resources

Sign up for the Membership Minute E-Newsletter.

E-Club Make-Ups for All Rotarians- Online.

FaceBook Page of Rotary International.

Club Membership Retention Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet for download, 2011), then, you will need your club data from the following two sources: Zone 33 Five Year Membership Histories by District & Club, Official Start Figures (Nov 2010)Zone 33-34 Five Year New Member by Club, Year (Aug 2011)

View Zone 33 Five Year Membership Histories by District (Aug 2010),

Rotary.org Membership Resources Page including tons of reports, studies and surveys.

View the most current Monthly District Comparison-to-Start Membership Report.  

Value of becoming a Rotarian, Rotary's "Compelling Value Proposition (video)

Strong Rotary Clubs Serve Their Customers (pptx with notes, downloadable), Tools in slideshow: 2010 Zone 33-34 Membership Survey Results, Club Retention Tool (Excel Spreadsheet, downloadable), Club Personality Profile CPP tool (Excel 07 version) or Club Personality Profile CPP tool (Excel 97-03 version)

Your Rotary Club's Distinctive Position Worksheets -- Download Powerpoint (Click "Download 2MB" link at top) -- Blog Article on 7710 Seminar with links -- Jim Henry Article and Workbook.

District Shared Resources

See District Best Practices and Shared Resources.

For information on "clubs needing assistance", i.e., clubs failing to function due to: unpaid dues, not meeting regularly, not subscribing to a RWMP magazine, failing to perform service, not receiving the Governor's visit, no liability insurance, acting inconsistently with the RI constitutional documents, failing to pay RI & district dues without outside assistance, failure to file reports, failure to resolve club disputes in an amicable manner, failure to maintain cooperative relations with the district, or suing RI or The Rotary Foundation, please contact RC Bevin Wall.  

Zone 33 Membership Goals

Our Goal is to help Districts help their Clubs. In this regard, we will:

  1. Conduct a Zone Assembly as a way of publicizing our role and making the RC Team available. 
  2. Arrange Listening Tours to determine the specific needs of districts an clubs, and to build relationships of support, following that up with specific action steps toward the goals as established..  
  3. Be available as resources and speakers for Membership Month and other activities.
  4. Support GETS, DG & DGN Training with appropriate membership content.
  5. TBD  More to follow...