About the Rotary Coordinator Program

Leadership, Training and Strategic Planning

ARC Abe Clymer 
Contact: Abe Clymer, ARC for Developing Leadership, Training & Strategic Planning at abeclymer@aol.com

Leadership Development builds "Real Rotarians" and Strong Clubs

It is clear that clubs that have or participate in new member training, existing member training and leadership training have stronger clubs and more committed Rotarians. It is our goal to support districts and clubs in offering the level of training they feel is appropriate for their Rotarians.

Part of the value of the Rotary experience is that it is so vast that it appeals to people with many varied interests. Whether it's friendship opportunities, local or international community service, vocational service or networking, working with youth or the elderly, health, hunger, water, sanitation, environment, education or other interests, Rotary has it all and does it all. The key is empowering the lone Rotarian with the knowledge of what Rotary does, and the understanding that he or she can do it! Knowledge and empowerment is what Training is all about! The end result- "Real Rotarians" and "Bigger, Better, Bolder" Rotary clubs.      

The RI Strategic Plan has as its first pillar of three, Supporting and Strengthening Rotary clubs. This includes:
Foster club innovation and flexibility
• Balance activities in all Avenues of Service
• Promote membership diversity
• Improve member recruitment and retention
Develop leaders
• Extend Rotary
Encourage strategic planning at club and district levels.

All of these areas of emphasis are important for growing and nurturing a good Rotary club.

Club & District Resources for Training at www.Rotary.org 

Rotary has developed a comprehensive "Recommended Rotary Training Cycle" and have supported the recommended events with leader and student materials. Districts should promote and lead by example quality training events with value to their Rotarians. Go to the Training Page at Rotary.org.

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)

The Rotary Leadership Institute operates zonewide. The mission of RLI is to offer an educational opportunity for potential Rotary club leaders, who are either selected by their club or self-selected to attend. RLI is a series of three, one day courses taken sequentially, to refine a Rotarian's leadership skills and to increase their knowledge base in RotaryCourses are fun, topical, interactive, and geared toward busy business and professional persons who want to be more effective leaders in their vocation and club and more knowledgeable Rotarians. Rotarian connections, ideas from other clubs, and the day's positive energy benefit the Rotarian and their home club. Institutes are offered in all Zone 33 Districts. Go to the Zone 33 RLI website.      

Multi-District PETS (President Elect Training). Link to Carolinas' PETS. Link to Chesapeake PETS.  

Strategic Planning & Innovation

Despite being an organization of business and professional people, Rotary has not had an emphasis for clubs to do strategic planning or visioning until the last few years. Rotary clubs often consult with their members who are strategic planners or business consultants for assistance. Rotary has recently issued a Strategic Planning Guide for Clubs which builds on the Club Leadership Plan and the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs. Download the Club Leadership Plan Worksheet and other resources. Go to the Rotary.org Strategic Planning Page.  In addition, for clubs that need help with Strategic Planning, The Zone 33 Rotary Leadership Institute has developed a graphic facilitation model for Club Visioning that has been successfully used in clubs. Contact ARC Abe Clymer if you need more information. Other Resources: International Vision Facilitation Committee, Club Best Practices from Rotary.org.

Pilot Programs. Pilot Program information. Program Deadlines April 1, 2011.

Zone 33 RC Team Experience in Leadership, Training & Strategic Planning   

Several members of the RC Team have been working in leadership, training and strategic planning activities at the Zone and District levels for many years, including RC Bevin Wall, Chair of the Zone 33 Rotary Leadership Institute, ARC's Tim Mannix and Abe Clymer are Faculty Trainers with the Institute, all of whom have also worked with visioning and planning at the club, district and zone levels. ARC Abe Clymer is a past Rotary Assembly Trainer. Likewise, all have been District Trainers or involved on the district training committee.

Leadership Resources. Leadership & Influence Summit (Videos).

Zone 33 Leadership, Training, Strategic Planning Goals

Our Goal is to help Districts help their Clubs. In this regard, we will:
  1. Conduct a Zone Assembly as a way of publicizing our role and making the RC Team available. 
  2. Arrange Listening Tours to determine the specific needs of districts an clubs, and to build relationships of support.  
  3. Promote district & club involvement and promotion of The Rotary Leadership Institute.
  4. Encourage club and district strategic planning. 
  5. Be available as resources and training leaders for leadership & training events.
  6. Support GETS, DG & DGN Training with appropriate leadership, training & strategic planning content.
  7. TBD