About the Rotary Coordinator Program

Global and Community Service

ARC Nancy Barbee
Contact: Nancy Barbee, ARC for Global Service, World Community Service, Humanitarian Service, Community Service and Polio Eradication at nbarbee@gmail.com

Rotary Clubs are more than just Civic or Community Clubs, they are Part of a Global Network of Clubs United in Service. Rotary Clubs are a Force for Peace in the World! 

A Rotary club is missing a vital element if it does not have an active and meaningful service program. Clubs are also stronger with a balance of international and local community service, and balance between the five avenues of service: club, vocational, community, international and new generations. Most importantly, clubs need service opportunities that their members care about, and that motivates and inspires them. There are many needs in the world, so the secret is matching the Rotary club service opportunity to the need.

In a world full of evil, hunger, poverty and despair, Rotary is a force for good in the world. It meets the needs of those in need, without any thought of renumeration or "payback", simply because it is the right thing to do. Of course, Rotarians know there is a payback. It is part of building goodwill and better friendship among peoples, and advancing peace, goodwill and understanding in the world.  

The goals for the Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service pillar of the Strategic Plan are:
  • Eradicate polio
  • Increase sustainable service focused on
    • New Generations Service programs
    • Our six areas of focus
  • Expand strategic partnerships and cooperative relationships
  • Create significant projects both locally and internationally

To assist Rotary clubs, Rotary International has adopted several specific programs as the "official programs" of Rotary relating to Humanitarian Service. 

Many Rotarians get great personal and professional satisfaction through activities with Rotary Volunteers, and World Community Service. Click a link to find out more about a specific programs.

Further, Rotary has adopted six areas of focus for humanitarian service. These areas are:
Links are to the Rotary e-Learning Center. Download the Areas of Focus Guide.

Eradication of Polio

Rotary's premier service project over the past 25 years is the Eradication of Polio Worldwide. Rotary has led the effort and has amassed an enviable group of government and NGOs to work with and help finance the effort. Tremendous progress has been made, with over 99 percent of the cases of Polio having been eliminated. Polio is endemic in only four countries now, instead of it being a worldwide problem as it was in 1988. Rotary clubs and Rotarians have participated in this effort and take great pride in the progress of the project. The end is in sight!  Get Tickets to the Concert to End Polio 7 March 2011 in New York City.  

Resources for Service

Community Service.  Subscribe now to the Community Service Update E-Newsletter. How to Start a Community Service Project E-Learn Slideshow.

Dental Clinics. Peru Dental Clinic- Matthews NC Rotary March 18-27, 2011.

Disaster Area Projects. Japan 2011 Earthquake-Tsunami. Christchurch New Zealand Earthquake. Haiti 2010 Earthquake. Pakistan 2010 Flooding.

Disease Prevention & Treatment. Visit Malaria No More. World Health Fairs. Ghana Guinea Worms. Bite Malaria Back in Mali.

Drug Abuse Prevention. The Donald Hayman Rotary Against Drugs (RAD) High School Speech Contest (Multidistrict)

Economic Development. A great project idea echoing the 2010-11 Theme Bridges to Prosperity. The Full Belly Project (Groundnut Shellers for Africa).

Education Projects. Help a Nepalese Primary School

End Polio Now! Go to the Website for the Global Effort. Subscribe to the End Polio Now E-Newsletter. End Polio Now Lighting Resources. End Polio Now Promotional Kit. Visit 200 Clubs in 200 Days for Polio.

Food & Malnutrition. Stop Hunger Now. Rotarian Action Group for the Alleviation of Hunger & Malnutrition. Fight Hunger in Your CommunityThe Full Belly Project (Groundnut Shellers for Africa). Feeding America, formerly America's Second Harvest (Food Banks). Rotary's First Harvest.  

Health, Maternal & Child. Maternal and Child Health Resources Article.  Healing Little Hearts - Heart Surgeries in India. Smile Train - Cleft Lip Surgeries. Vocational Team in Women & Child Health. Midwives for Haiti.

National Immunization Day Trips for Rotarians. Feb 2012 District 7730 sponsored NID to India. Oct 17 2010-Nov 2 2010 7080 NID & Healing Little Hearts Projects in India (See blog article here).

International Service. Get the International Service Update E-Newsletter. Get the Navigating the Global Network E-Newsletter. Uniendo America Project Fairs.

Literacy. Read the Literacy Project Guide from Rotary & Int'l Reading Assn, Contact PDG Glenn Hood, 2009-10 Zone 33 Literacy Coordinator. The Dictionary Project.   International Reading Association and International Reading Day. CALS- Computer Assisted Literacy Solutions. See the videoAccording to Vince Walter, Zone 33 has two Districts where CALS is used extensively. In D7670 the Cashiers Valley Club has had good results. D7610 is one of the leading Districts in the world in its use of CALS. DG Ron Marion is a strong supporter. I had the privilege of speaking to 15 Clubs (over 9 days) in D7610 in August, 2008. Recently he presented CALS to the White House staff where it received a strong reception. Hopefully its use will now spread throughout the Zone. Dollywood Foundation's Imagination Library. D7750- Partners in Haiti Literacy. Gallery of Basic Education & Literacy Projects 2011

Peace and Conflict Resolution. Rotary Peace Centers. Subscribe to the Peace Net E-Newsletter. Visit the Duke-UNC Rotary Center for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution. Visit Peace Centers Facebook Page. Promoting Peace through Social Networking. International Peace & Security Institute (founded by 06-08 Scholar Cameron Chisholm). Pakistan Outreach.

REDI - Rotary Emergency Disaster Initiative. REDI was launched in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to discuss what had been learned and help the zones be prepared for any future disaster. Since that time, REDI’s scope has broadened to include the Caribbean and South America. REDI’s mission is to train Rotarians to be prepared when disaster strikes. REDI does not provide disaster response. It provides training and preparation. Go to WebsiteMeet on Facebook.

The Rotary Foundation. Subscribe to the Every Rotarian Every Year E-Newsletter.

Rotary Volunteers. View the Volunteers Database.

Rotary Project Safaris. See the Guidelines. Reach Out to Africa website.

Water Projects. Water Project Basic Resources. Start With Water: the Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group WASRAG. See Water Resources Coordinator Jim Pierce for details. Rotary Water Projects Website. Travel? Hands -on work? Life changing experience? Then a trip with Pure Water for the World might be for you. Go to Pure Water for the World. Be involved in the 42nd Water Project TRF Matching Grant by The Water Man, partners are the RC's of Coquimatlan, D-4150 and Sherwood Park, D-5370. It will be for $40,000 and it will help 6,400 less fortunate people to have clean drinking water. Contact George Lewis for information. Water Team International. World Water Week , See List of Zone 33 Water Projects (updated 11-20-2010). The Water Institute at UNC - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bio-Sand Filters. Rotary Global Run for Water, Zone contact Scott Rossi.

Zone 33 Service Goals

Our Goal is to help Districts help their Clubs. In this regard, we will:
  1. Conduct a Zone Assembly as a way of publicizing our role and making the RC Team available. 
  2. Arrange Listening Tours to determine the specific needs of districts an clubs, and to build relationships of support.  
  3. Be available as resources and speakers for Assemblies, Conferences and Training Events for Service related topics. 
  4. Encourage Rotarian participation in National Immunization Days (NIDs) to further the Eradication of Polio effort.
  5. Support GETS, DG and DGN Training with appropriate content.
  6. TBD