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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Webinar - Strengthen Your Membership: Opportunities For The Growth & Future of Your Club

Join two Rotarian experts to Strengthen Your Membership: Opportunities For The Growth & Future of Your Club. The webinar will focus on: how to strengthen your club membership, including identifying opportunities for growth and how to capitalize on them, including discussions of: • Conducting club assessments • Identifying target groups • Multi-year Planning • Achieving successful growth...and much more! During this 60-minute webinar, panelists will also share tips to enhance member engagement.

There are three webinar sessions, click the link below to register for the session that is most convenient for you:

Tuesday 12 June 7.30 AM (Central Daylight Time, Evanston USA) Panelists: Holly Ransom, Club President-elect of the Rotary Club of Crawley, Jessie Harman, Past District Governor & Assistant Rotary Coordinator

Wednesday 13 June 1 PM (Central Daylight Time, Evanston USA) Panelists: Joe Roth, Past Club President & District Membership Chair of District 6990, Eva Vida, District Governor for District 5550

Thursday 14 June 6 PM (Central Daylight Time, Evanston USA) Panelists: Joe Roth, Past Club President & District Membership Chair of District 6990,  Eva Vida, District Governor for District 5550

All webinars will be recorded and available on the RI website to view and share. Please forward this message to other Rotarians who might be interested. From RI Research & Resources for Member Engagement Division

Membership, Public Image and Revitalisation

What does it mean for Rotary to have a "net gain" in members? Who care? Should you?

Read an insightful article from RI Director Barry Matheson. Read the article here. From Rotary on the Move Newsletter, June 2012. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Club Best Practices Videos Available

RI Staff- Club and District Support-  produced informative videos that were posted online on YouTube. The links were sent to DGEs to distribute to 2012-13 club leaders in their areas. The videos consist of two parts:

Video 1: RI Resources for Club Leaders: this part explains what Rotary International and the Europe/Africa Office in particular have to offer to Rotary clubs (staff support, publications, the Rotary Website, Member Access).

Video 2: Club Leaders Responsibilities to RI: this part explains the minimum standards for Rotary clubs, the Semi-annual Report and the use of the Rotary Marks. It also provides information on how to build the clubs’ online presence.

Guest Blog- Strategic Planning and Membership

Rotary Coordinator Nick Phillips from South Africa shares his views on strategic planning, healthy clubs, and the myths of membership in a recent blog post at the Rotary Coordinator Blog. Click here for the article.

Telling Your Story Resource Kit Available

RI President-elect Sakuji Tanaka has announced the availability of the new Telling Your Story resource kit for attracting and retaining Rotary club members and communicating the value of being a Rotarian. Membership is our responsibility, to ensure the longevity and success of our organization. We need every member in every Rotary club around the world to understand the value of being a Rotarian and referring prospective members.

Click here for a special video message from RIP Tanaka and others, and find out how to create your personal Rotary Moment. According to RIP Tanaka, As Rotarians we have a tendency to be humble and keep our achievements to ourselves. But now is the time that we must share them with those around us and with the world.

Explaining Rotary International Surveys

A summary of what surveys are conducted annually by RI, with tentative timelines, draft titles, description of the surveys and contacts for more information.

Mid-April through Late May- Demographic and Cost of Membership Survey- This survey was sent to Rotary club presidents to obtain basic demographic information about club members and estimates about the cost of membership. Contact: RI_research@rotary.org

End of April through Late May- Reporting of Assistant Governors in Member Access- This survey is designed to gather feedback on the new Member Access functionality that allows districts to indicate their assistant governors and assistant governors' roles. District governors, district governors-elect, and district executive secretaries will be asked to complete this review of the new functionality. Contact: CDS@rotary.org

Early May through End of May- 2012 Rotaract Preconvention Survey- After the Rotaract Preconvention, all attendees will be asked to complete this evaluation. Contact: Rotaract@rotary.org2012 Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention Meeting Evaluation- All Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) Preconvention attendees will be asked to evaluate the YEO Preconvention. Contact: Youthexchange@rotary.org

 Mid-May through Mid-June- 2012 Bangkok Convention Evaluation - After the 2012 Bangkok Convention, this survey will ask all attendees to provide feedback about their convention experience. Future Vision Readiness Survey - Through this survey, RI seeks to better understand non-pilot district readiness for the 1 July 2013 launch of the new grant model (Future Vision). District governors, district governors-elect, district governors-nominees, district Rotary Foundation chairs, and all subcommittee chairs of non-pilot districts will be invited to participate. Contact: RI_research@rotary.org

Late May through Late June - Pilot Clubs End of Year Progress Report - For RI to be able to evaluate the impact of the various innovations, pilot clubs are required to provide regular updates. Emails with the link to this online report form will be sent to club officers in the Meeting Frequency Pilot Program and in the 2011 – 14 Pilot Programs (Associate Membership, Corporate Membership, Satellite Club, and Innovation & Flexibility). Contact: RIpilotprograms@rotary.orgStrategic Planning Survey- This survey is designed to measure Rotarian awareness and support for RI’s Strategic Plan. A sample of Rotarian leaders, club officers, and general Rotarians will be asked to participate. Contact: RI_research@rotary.org

June- Strengthening Rotary’s Brand Survey - This survey is part of the ongoing Strengthening Rotary’s Brand initiative. The survey has been designed in conjunction with the brand strategy experts at Siegel + Gale to test Rotarian and general public perceptions of potential brand messages. A sample of Rotarians and a sample of non-Rotarians around the world will be asked to participate. Contact: RI_research@rotary.orgWebsite Experience Survey - The Website Experience Survey is part of the initiative to redesign Rotary.org and improve the experience of Rotarians visiting the website. This survey will gather valuable input from a random sample of Rotarians and help set the direction for the new website. Contact: RI_research@rotary.orgRotary Program Participation Survey - Beginning in June, this ongoing survey will be regularly sent to former RI and The Rotary Foundation program participants to gather feedback about their Rotary experiences. Contact: Contact.Center@rotary.org

If you have any questions about a particular survey, please contact the RI contact listed for that survey. If you have any general research questions or questions about the Rotary Research Newsletter, please contact the Research & Resources for Member Engagement division at RI_research@rotary.org.

NC Club Supports Global Run for Water

Cary-Kildaire (NC) Rotarian Scott Rossi has recently been named to the Board of Global Run for Water. He is seeking district and club support for the project, which fits within one of the six areas of focus of Rotary. See the Global Run for Water website for more information or contact Scott by email for insight on how to get involved.