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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Membership Perspective- We Must Attract, Not Recruit

The concept of Membership Attraction versus Recruitment, as shared by D7680 DGE Chris Jones:

"These are the highlights of what I speak to in the Program to the clubs on Membership. I weave these points in throughout the presentation and the order listed... is not the order in which the presentation is given.
  • Attraction is a change in mindset from Recruiting. In my opinion, we must teach our Rotarians and clubs how attraction will work for them and how it will create long lasting relationships instead of short term fixes in numbers. 
  • Attraction works because it "pulls" the right kind of people to us. 
  • Recruiting is a short term fix because those that are recruited into Rotary then need to be recruited to do everything else we do, thus making the job of managing these people a challenge. Our volunteers have enough to do without adding this on top of their list. 
  • When we recruit, we are hunting, and the prey is trying to get as far away as they can and as fast as they can. 
  • Attraction will help turn around our retention efforts, because if we attract the right people to Rotary, retention almost takes care of itself. Attrition will still happen but it will be small compared to our rate of attraction. 
  • We must have our individual compelling reason why we joined Rotary and then why we are still Rotarians. This becomes our story to share with others. 
  • It becomes less about statistics as we are telling our story and more about the personal side of why Rotary. This will attract others that share that same mindset. 
  • Teach people to tell their compelling story and then invite folks to come attend our club meetings and then let the club meeting do the talking (selling) to the interested party. 
  • This means that clubs must have dynamic and exciting programs to further the pique interest of those guests. 
  • If the club meeting does not resonate with the guest, then they may not be the right person and we should let them go. 
  • We must teach and understand why Rotary is different from other service organizations and also the best service organization. 
  • With our compelling personal story and our understanding of how we are different and better, attraction becomes easier. 
  • We are in a competitive market place for time, talents and treasures. 
  • With all of the choices of service organizations to support within our communities, we have to be very good at getting above the noise and speaking about our personal stories and why Rotary is better and different. 
  • By doing so, we help others understand that we are the best and right place to share their time, talents and treasures. 
  • When we attract the right people, they will attract others of the same mindset. 
  • When we recruit folks and they then recruit, a fewer amount "stick" because they probably came to Rotary for the wrong reasons."

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