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Monday, November 14, 2011

Club Best Practice- I Spy

A good idea generated from brainstorming sessions at Membership Advocate Training in District 7730...

WHAT IF... you cancelled your Rotary club meeting for a week and everyone in your club drew different club names out of a hat to visit during that week, with a mission to "spy" on the other club and bring back best practices or interesting observations. With one or two 3-5 minute reports per club meeting, this could be a regular feature of your club meeting during the year. 

In many clubs, Rotarians don't want to make-up a meeting or visit other clubs. This would be a fun way to encourage that practice and also to broaden the Rotary horizons of a home club Rotarian.

There are other fun ideas that could be incorporated. Maybe an award or prize for the most distant club spy mission. Maybe everyone should wear a black cape when they visit the other club, and then have to describe what they are doing there. Another option is to request a "happy dollar" or other short part on the other club's program telling them why you are visiting, explaining what your club is doing, and encouraging the other club to try it! How about carrying a video camera or a still camera around and take pictures! No one said Rotary had to be stuffy!      

It's a "win-win" idea, and meets the RI Strategic Plan's priorities of fostering club innovation and flexibility, and encouraging clubs to promote their networking opportunities! I Spy!

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