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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's a Twitter chat?

Connect with Rotaractors from around the world by joining our first Rotaract Twitter chat on Thursday, 1 December, from 09:30 to 10:30 CT (check your local time). We'll discuss what motivates people to volunteer, how to keep volunteers engaged, and how Rotaract clubs can mobilize volunteers to make a difference in their communities.

If you've never participated in a Twitter chat, just sign on to Twitter on 1 December at the appropriate time and start using the tag #RACtalk. Follow that tag using a program likeTweetChat to make sure you don't miss any of the conversation. RI staff will moderate the discussion. Learn more about how to participate in a Twitter chat. Follow @Rotaract on Twitter for reminders, and mark your calendars for this interactive event. You can also participate in future #RACtalk Twitter chats on 8 December and 15 December. From New Generations Newsletter, Nov. 2011.

New Generations Social Networking Topics

Social networks offer an excellent way for New Generations program participants to connect, share ideas, and build international friendships. Here are some of the topics we've seen recently on RI social media:
  • On the Interact Facebook page, we asked people to offer advice to a new Interact club. Interact District 5450(Northern Colorado, USA) offered these tips: "1) Stay closely connected to your sponsoring Rotary Club. Invite Rotarians to your meetings, and attend theirs. 2) Get connected with other Interact Clubs in your district. 3) Don't just be another service club at your school. Take advantage of Rotary's strength and support."
  • On Twitter, the community of @Rotaract participants includes @emilyhsiao, who sent global greetings from her new Rotaract club to her old one with this tweet: "Had a great time playing with kids at Guang Ai Orphanage today with @rotaract Beijing! Miss you, @RotaractPhilly! #rotaract #rotary"
  • There has been an active discussion within the Rotary International LinkedIn group on the question "What should be the maximum age for Rotaract?" (You must sign in to view the conversation. Not a member of the RI LinkedIn group? Join now.) Participants have commented on the true meaning of Rotaract, and whether there is a greater difference between those ages 18 and 35 or those ages 30 and 60. From New Generations Newsletter, Nov. 2011. 

New Generations Advice from a Panel of Experts

Participants in 25 countries joined the “Introduction to New Generations” webinar in October to hear advice from three Rotarians who work with the Interact, Rotaract, RYLA, and Rotary Youth Exchange programs. Here are a few of the tips and observations they shared:

If you missed the October webinar, you can watch a recording to learn more.

Also, sign up today for next month's webinar, “New Generations Programs: A Closer Look,” when we will hear from a new group of panelists about how to make your youth programs the best they can be: Tuesday, 13 December, 10:00-11:00 CT or 18:00-19:00 CT (check your local time). From RI New Generations Newsletter, Nov 2011. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Lions Get New Generations!

Click here for a great video carrying the Lion's message and reinforcing their "brand:". Thanks, Director John Smarge for making this known!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Best Practice: "What If" Visioning Exercise

Visioning can be as easy as asking "what if" in your Rotary Club. How would your club members picture your club:

  • with no attendance policy or pressure (other than the minimum 50% rule)
  • with new members given immediate responsibility
  • with an active, hands-on service project every month
  • with no meals 
  • with minimal dues, just enough to pay RI and district dues, of less than $200 per year
  • with unlimited funds to work with (what would you do? what would you do first?)
  • investing maximum effort in one "signature project" for one year
  • using RI or Rotary Foundation contact and connections as the first option for anything your club does!
There are many more questions, only limited by the imagination of your clubs' leaders! 

Matt Damon and World Toilet Week

Credit: Michael Thompson
Matt Damon wants you to “Talk sh*t” all week. Wait, what is he talking about?!

November 19th marks the 10th annual World Toilet Day organized by the Singapore-based World Toilet Organization, Matt Damon and others want to raise awareness about the struggles faced by those without access to proper sanitation.

Worldwide, an estimated 2.6 billion people do not have access proper facilities – almost eight times the population of the United States. No toilet means open defecation. Open defecation means quick transmission of diseases. Nearly 6,000 people die each day due to diarrheal diseases and total about two million deaths per year. The majority of these cases are children under five years old. Additionally, poor sanitation increases the spread of parasites, diarrhea, cholera and typhoid.

Access to improved sanitation raises primary school enrollment by reducing illnesses that cause children to miss school, improving adult labor productivity, increasing economic productivity, and reducing environmental hazards related to polluted water. In developing countries, the most affected populations are those living in extreme poverty, especially located in peri-urban and rural regions.

Pure Water for the World is working to address this issue by promoting sanitation education, latrine construction and safe habits, and to date, more than 600 latrines have been built in homes and schools. Yet more work needs to be done; according to the UN, more than 29 percent of Hondurans and 83 percent of Haitians still lack access to safe sanitation facilities.

Toilets are a necessity; they promote health, sanitation and dignity. So, the next time you flush, think about how fortunate you are and remember that you can do something to help those without a basic toilet. Click here to learn more. From Pure Water for the World E-Newsletter. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Training Help: Webinars

Webinars are a growing trend in the training field. They are an effective alternative to face-to-face meetings, especially if your budget is tight, finding a venue is difficult, or participants’ time is limited. Webinars enable participants not only to see and hear the presentation but also to interact with the presenter through polls, chats, and Q&A features. Consider conducting a webinar to provide an overview of what presidents-elect can expect when they attend PETS, or to offer a follow-up after the training.

Find information and tips on running a webinar at www.rotary.org/trainers. From Rotary Training Talk. 

Training Help: Practical Forms to Assist with Your Events

Did you know that the For Trainers section of the RI website has worksheets to help you plan training meetings? These include: (from Training Talk) 

Second Chance- Free New Generations Webinars

Did you miss the New Generations webinars held in October? If so, you’ll have additional chances to increase your knowledge of Rotary’s fifth Avenue of Service. Rotarians will share their strategies for promoting Rotary programs to young people, supporting youth-led service projects, and leading New Generations program participants into lives of service. From Rotary Training Talk. 

Click on a date below to register. Listings are Central Time; check for your local time.

Tuesday, 13 December, 10:00-11:00 (English)

Tuesday, 13 December, 18:00-19:00 (English)

New award recognizes exceptional literacy projects

Rotary International and the International Reading Association have collaborated on an exciting new award that will give two deserving projects monetary gifts of US$2,500 on behalf of the Pearson Foundation. New literacy service projects jointly undertaken by Rotary clubs and IRA reading councils in 2011-12 may be considered for these two awards. Application criteria:
  1. Rotarian applicants must be Rotary club members in good standing.
  2. IRA members and Rotarians must be working together to improve literacy through a project created to meet the needs of the local community or the literacy needs anywhere else in the world. Any project launched 1 July 2011 or later is eligible.
  3. Applications must be submitted by 15 June 2012.
If you need more information on this Pearson Foundation recognition after reading the application, Rotarians should contact programs@rotary.org . To find IRA members, click on councils and affiliates on the IRA website. Article from Rotary.org. 

Polio Update - November 2011

From Zone 33 Polio Eradication Chair, Rocky Jacobs:

The Holiday season is FAST approaching. Many of our colleagues, friends and neighbors are looking for that year ending “charitable contribution” that can make a difference in the lives of individuals in our communities and the world community. I believe The Rotary Foundation is the perfect vehicle to bring to their attention at this time of the year. We have made tremendous progress in our efforts to eradicate polio from the face of the earth. But we all know until the battle is COMPLETELY won, this incurable disease is just a plane ride away, as evidenced in China just a few weeks ago.

Our clubs and districts have done a marvelous job over the past three years as we have raised monies to meet the Gates Challenge. We have now raised $194M of our $200M Challenge. This has been accomplished because of your efforts and dedication. But we know, that when we reach our current financial goal of raising $200M we will not have met the goal we set for ourselves in 1985, eradicating the incurable disease polio, so that no mother will have to live in fear of her children being exposed to this virus. We have come a very long way, but we know we are still a few years away from achieving this goal. Let us finish the next six weeks of this calendar year, and the next seven months of our current campaign with renewed vigor so that we can all say in the not too distant future, that we not only were able to put together a world-wide coalition to join us in this task, that we were not only able to raise monies for the task by exceeding our goal for fund raising in each of the campaigns over the past 30 years, but that we also met our number ONE priority and along with our partners, eradicated the polio virus. We can do it!! And, the next few weeks gives us the opportunity to perhaps reach some individuals like ourselves, who realize the importance of this task, and our willing to help us financially.

Thanks go out to the Commonwealth Leaders (see the article in the attachment) for their $100M commitment to help us close the Polio Funding Gap. Thanks also to this year’s Rose Bowl Float Committee for the theme of this year’s float “Inching Towards the End of Polio.” Has your club and district helped the committee financially this year? Remember approximately 300 million TV viewers will see this float and learn about our efforts on New Year’s Day. For more information please go to www.rotaryfloat.org . Congratulations also to the 3,153 new Rotarian registrants who used the Member Access Portal to contribute to the 2 for 1 World Polio Day opportunity to receive double Paul Harris Fellow recognition points for your contribution of $100 or more to the polio fund. Together with old donors, we raised $2,576,927 from 8.077 transactions from 105 Rotary countries with the average gift being $319.

As the Holiday Season approaches, and we express “thanks” for the good that has come into the lives of each and every one of us as well as our families over the past year, regardless of some of the “challenges” we may have had to face, please know how grateful I am to each of you. I feel so grateful to be able to call each of you a friend and know that as a “team” we have been able to put “Service Above Self” and continue to work toward our common goal, the fulfillment of Rotary’s Number 1 goal, the eradication of polio!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best Practices- Social Media for Clubs and Districts

Read the Top Ten tips below, or get more from listening to the archived RI Social Media webinar (you will be prompted to register, no cost)
  1. View websites and social media as part of your public relations and marketing budget. Your online presence should not be an isolated expense or something for the “techie” person of the club to work on alone. It should have the club’s support, with several Rotarians involved. 
  2. Go online before you start your own social media page, and see what other clubs and organizations are doing. Note what you like and what you think would work well for communicating to the community and reaching your goals. 
  3. Develop a communications plan. This includes identifying an intended audience (e.g., prospective Rotarians, community leaders), goals (e.g., to let the community know what your club does, to find new members), and a message (e.g., “We’re a club that has a signature project,” “We’re a club that offers fun fellowship and service opportunities”). 
  4. Update your page regularly (but not too often) with photos, videos, and text. Plan to update your Facebook page at least once a week, but not five times a day. If you update too much, people will become overwhelmed and tune you out. If you don’t update enough, people will think your club isn’t active. Ask several club members (perhaps your committee chairs) to share the responsibility of updating your page. 
  5. Designate moderators. Check all social media sites for spam or other inappropriate comments nearly every day. Distribute the moderation duties among several people. 
  6. Look professional. Social media pages are a reflection of your club. Check your spelling, and use the Rotary emblem correctly. See www.rotary.org/graphics. 
  7. Be genuine, conversational, and fun. Share items that will interest your audience. 
  8. Reach out to other community organizations, especially potential project partners. Also connect with the news media and with local business and government leaders on Twitter and Facebook. Social media is about building relationships. 
  9. Promote your social media pages. Include links to them on your club’s website, in e-mails, and in print publications. 
  10. Be safe, but don’t be afraid. You won’t break the Internet! But remember that social media sites are public, so don’t include personal information. Also, sites can frequently change their policies, so review privacy settings regularly. 

Greensboro NC Event Fetes RI President Banerjee

Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee was the keynote speaker at one of the largest gatherings of Rotarians in North Carolina within recent memory. Almost 800 Rotarians filled the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC during District 7690's Rotary Foundation Banquet to celebrate their clubs' support of The Rotary Foundation and to hear from the Rotary International President.

D7690 Governor Terry Titus made several recognitions during the event, some indicated in the photos below.

Clemmons NC Rotarian John Stewart receiving congratulations from
President Kalyan for his generous contribution of Funding
a Named Peace Scholar at the UNC / Duke Peace Centers
Attending the event were current R.I. Director John Smarge, Rotary Foundation Trustee Anne Matthews, Zone 33 Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (RRFC) Joe Mulkerrin, Zone 33 Rotary Coordinator (RC) Bevin Wall, and and RRFC-Elect Ron Ferrill. Current year's Governors attending included District 7720 Governor Claude Morissette and Suzanne, District 7710 Governor Mack Parker and Wanda, District 7730 Governor Mark Lynch and Denise, and District 7750 Governor Gary Goforth.

Also in attendance were Past RI Director Ken Morgan and Winnie, Past Rotary Foundation Trustee and RI Director Robert Scott and Ann, Rotary Foundation Gifts Officer Jackie McGuire, and Peace Fellows Eduardo da Costa from Brazil and Ryan Rowe from Canada.

District Literacy Co-Chairs; (speaking) Chi- Archibong, 
with Kem Ellis the other Co-Chair behind and right; as 
President Kalyan and Governor Terry and Rhonda look on. the Literacy 
Book Drive netted over 1200 books to be distributed across 
the 52 clubs equally for use in their communities

Arch Klumph Society Certificate and Award to Georgia Tennant,
in honor of her Mother and Father Ned & Betty Poyser

President Banerjee, Rhonda Fleming, and Trustee Anne Matthews

Peace Fellows Eduardo DaCosta and Ryan Rowe;
flank President Kalyan Banerjee.
D7690 hosts Eduardo through PDG Phil Morris

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rotary at the UN- Day 2

Click here for PDG Doug Vincent's compelling summary of events on Day 2 of Rotary Day at the UN in New York City.

Topics include: maternal and Child Health, Water & Sanitation, Report on Rotary in Haiti, Trustee Chair Bill Boyd's comments, and information on "vertical farms".

Take- A Visual Journey

"A Visual Journey tells the story of Rotary in a way that engages the mind and moves the heart. Every picture reminds us of why we came to Rotary: to be the change we want to see in the world."
-- 2011-12 RI President Kalyan Banerjee
For a limited time, purchase 10 copies of A Visual Journey, Rotary's breathtaking photography book, for just $15 each – a savings of $100. It’s the perfect gift for new club members, outgoing club officers, or yourself! Offer ends 1 January 2012.

Preview A Visual Journey and see the beauty of Rotary at work. Then go to shop.rotary.org to order your holiday gifts today! From RI Publications Order Services

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Water & Sanitation Signature Project adopted by ROTA


"The Reach Out To Africa initiative has resolved to adopt Water and Sanitation as the African Signature Project for a period of three (3) years commencing immediately and requests the approval of the RIBoard."

From ROTA Reach out to Africa. E-Newsletter, Nov. 2011. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Club Best Practice- I Spy

A good idea generated from brainstorming sessions at Membership Advocate Training in District 7730...

WHAT IF... you cancelled your Rotary club meeting for a week and everyone in your club drew different club names out of a hat to visit during that week, with a mission to "spy" on the other club and bring back best practices or interesting observations. With one or two 3-5 minute reports per club meeting, this could be a regular feature of your club meeting during the year. 

In many clubs, Rotarians don't want to make-up a meeting or visit other clubs. This would be a fun way to encourage that practice and also to broaden the Rotary horizons of a home club Rotarian.

There are other fun ideas that could be incorporated. Maybe an award or prize for the most distant club spy mission. Maybe everyone should wear a black cape when they visit the other club, and then have to describe what they are doing there. Another option is to request a "happy dollar" or other short part on the other club's program telling them why you are visiting, explaining what your club is doing, and encouraging the other club to try it! How about carrying a video camera or a still camera around and take pictures! No one said Rotary had to be stuffy!      

It's a "win-win" idea, and meets the RI Strategic Plan's priorities of fostering club innovation and flexibility, and encouraging clubs to promote their networking opportunities! I Spy!

Club Best Practice - 100% Support

A good idea generated from brainstorming sessions at Membership Advocate Training in District 7730...

WHAT IF... two Rotary clubs got together and agreed to support each others projects, fundraisers or other activities 100% for one year. 

For example... when Club 1 does a fundraiser, everyone in Club 2 buys a ticket or participates hands-on in the fundraising activity. When Club 2 does a local service project, Club 1's members show up and work it. When either club has a fellowship activity, both clubs are involved.

This would require buy-in by both clubs' leaderships, including their President and Board. Think of the goodwill and the leveraging of Rotarian power in a community! It could also lead to an extension of time, or agreement to work jointly on ventures in the future. Or, maybe Club 1 picks a different club during the next year! It's a "win-win" idea, and meets the RI Strategic Plan's priority of fostering club innovation and flexibility!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Silent Rotary Killer

Click here to read about it at the Zone 33-34 Membership Blog & Retention Central.

Florida District Water for Haiti Project

District 6960 Governor Don Thomas and others share information on this great water project, partnering with Water One to install mobile solar water filtration systems to prevent further cholera outbreaks.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Maryland Rotarian Pictured in UN Day Story

Jazzar and Carson confer
District 7620's PDG Rich Carson was pictured prominently in todays Rotary.org story on UN Day. Rich is the RI Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS) and a member of the Besthesda- Chevy Chase MD Rotary Club. Read more about UN Day.  

Photo: Michel P. Jazzar, RI representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, and Richard S. Carson, RI representative to the Organization of American States, confer between panel presentations during Rotary-UN Day, 5 November in New York City. Both spoke on an RI representatives panel. Other panels focused on health, water, literacy, and youth. Rotary Images/Alyce Henson

Webinar: Working with Rotarian Action Groups to Maximize Your Service Projects

Two veteran Rotarians in using RAGs to advance club and district service projects give their tips and offer their expertise. The examples come from Rotarians for Fighting Aids (RFFA) and World Health Fairs.  

Click here to view the webinar.  You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the presentation.

Strategic Plan Update Available

From Rotary.org, the latest RI Strategic Plan update (PPT) is available for download. It provides a basic look at how Rotary International leaders see the future of Rotary, and an explanation of the value of strategic planning. The file is a ppt file and is 21MB. It also has a notes feature for presentations. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rotary Institute HOF Vendors

A selection of interesting vendors from the Rotary Institute House of Friendship: The Miracle League, The International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians, Shelter Box, Josh the Otter, and Disaster Aid USA.


Monday, November 7, 2011

What's Your Legacy?

Five years later, Rotarians won't remember must specific about a particular governor's "Rotary Year" accomplishments. Or, will they? Here's what the 2012-13 Zone 33 Governors said they wanted their mark to be:

During ____________'s year as Governor, I remember: 

  1. the District Conference
  2. all of the Leaders they developed
  3. the drastic culture change
  4. the seamless transition and continuity of leadership
  5. the FUN
  6. the Teamwork
  7. the Fellowship
  8. the Skydiving?
  9. membership retention going up
  10. the new "new generations" programs
  11. the "Purple Pinkie"!      

District Governor Elects - Key Steps for District Planning

At Zones 33-34 GETS (Governor Elect Training Seminar) in Reston VA last month, the assembled future Officers of Rotary International pondered the key steps for district planning. Here are a few key steps they brainstormed:

  • Look at Logistics/ Timing 
  • Rely on Past Experience/ Review 
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate  
  • Look Critically at the Organization
  • Thoughtful Training
  • Commit Appropriate Funds to Endeavor
  • Look at the End Result and work backwards... 

13 Benefits from Partnering with Other Organizations

From the Zone 33 Public Image Seminar at the Rotary Institute in Reston VA, October 2011, RC Bevin Wall shares these thoughts as to non-profits, chambers of commerce and local government entities: The benefits:
  1. Expertise of the other group
  2. Needs Assessment Point of View
  3. Bodies for Projects 
  4. Relationships
  5. Future Project possibilities
  6. Funding sources, internal and external to the other group
  7. Member potential
  8. Assess to Physical Resources, likes tools, machines, printing, etc.
  9. Permitting & Regulation expertise and "inside track"
  10. Training opportunity for Rotarians
  11. Publicity Multiplier/ Access
  12. Paid Staff & Support 
  13. Prestige Enhancement for Club!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New "New Generations Club" Makes Big Community Impact

MCAHRC Members with a big check!
A brand new, non-traditional, "New Generations" Rotary club raising $75,000 in one of their first projects? Yes they did! Past President Andrew Wheeler tells the story of how the Morehead City (NC) After Hours Rotary Club boosted its membership and took their community service commitment to the "next level".  
The idea for a New Generations Club came about in late 2008 after several members of the [established] Morehead City Noon Rotary saw the need to get younger adults involved. A few information sessions were held where younger professionals were invited and after generating some interest, the After Hours Rotary Club was chartered in May 2009. In roughly 2 ½ years, we have grown to 40 members. The average age of our membership is 31 and we have a mix of doctors, attorneys, teachers, accountants, engineers, local business owners and other professionals. We meet after work at Raps Bar & Grill in downtown Morehead City every Thursday. Each of our weekly meetings has it’s own personality, some are serious and others (most, in fact) are pretty laid back. 
Our community involvement has been ringing the bell for Salvation Army, adopting a highway in Atlantic Beach and various volunteer events for the Boys & Girls Club. While all of these have been great services by our club, we still had a desire to make a bigger impact in the community. This desire became a reality when we were approached by a Board Member of the Crystal Coast Hospice House (CCHH) asking us to help them raise money. CCHH, along with Parker Boats, had the idea of raffling off a brand new boat to raise money and generate awareness for this much needed Hospice facility. However, CCHH needed some “feet on the street” to make this happen. Our club unanimously agreed to take the challenge of raising $50,000-60,000 in a four month time frame. We worked tirelessly promoting the raffle, towing the boat to various locations across several counties and soliciting ticket sales from any and all sources. At the end of the campaign, we raised $75,000 for the Crystal Coast Hospice House. 
The After Hours Rotary Club could not be more proud of its efforts in raising these funds, the partnership with CCHH & Parker Boats and ultimately supporting our community. Other Rotarians like to say our club is a little “different” and we believe we are different… most Rotary clubs haven’t raised $75,000 during a one-time project.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Managing Membership Inquiries

You need a system in place to effectively communicate with prospective members and follow up on membership queries. If you don't already have a process in place, this three-step plan makes it easy.

Motivate Your Club Members

We all want our Rotary clubs to be the best they can be — engaging, fun, and effective.

But how do you  motivate members so that your club performs at its highest level?

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Big Wheel in Wilmington NC

Photo courtesy of Our State magazine

Read a great article  by Scott Huler about Rotary in Wilmington and Rotary in general, in the November 2011 Our State magazine.

RI Convention Speakers Will Inspire; Sign Up at Lower Rate by Dec 1

Register for the 2012 RI Convention by 1 December and enjoy the lowest registration rates in a decade.

In Bangkok, see these great headliners: 
  • Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, which provides small loans to entrepreneurs, particularly women, in impoverished communities. 
  • Hugh Evans, cofounder and CEO of the Global Poverty Project, an organization dedicated to motivating people to take action to end extreme poverty.

Rotary celebrates World Interact Week Oct 30-Nov 6

During World Interact Week, 31 October-6 November,Interactors and Rotarians worldwide commemorate the charter of the first Interact club in 1962.

To mark this occasion Interact clubs are encouraged to participate in joint projects with their sponsor clubs. Rotarians can celebrate by including Interactors in their weekly meetings, or inviting an Interactor as a guest speaker. See the full article at Rotary.org News.

Governments Step Up to Polio Challenge

The governments of Australia, Canada, and Nigeria, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, announced a combined pledge of more than US$100 million to support polio eradication, following efforts by Australian Rotarians to place the issue on the agenda at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth. Read more at Rotary.org News.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Foundation Newsletter- Polio Edition

PDG Eddie Blender shares his thoughts in this month's Our Foundation Newletter:

"While on the Rotary Road and presenting a talk called, Rotary's Quest - the Eradication of Polio, I am often asked, "Why immunize if there is no Polio in my country?" Most often only a few short sentences nails down the answer, which I share with you... [Also covered:]
  1. The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), created 11 years ago to help poor countries pay for vaccines. pp. 2 to 3
  2. How Immunizations work. pp. 4 to 8
  3. Pediatricians are demanding of parents - vaccinate your kids or find another doctor. p 9
  4. A Rotary Immunization Legacy - The Jack and Joan Blane Story. pp. 11 to 12
  5. When Rotary launched PolioPlus in 1985, the "plus" signaled that the polio eradication effort would increase immunizations against five other diseases prevalent in children: measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus. pp. 14 to 15
  6. A retrospective on Rotary's founder, Paul P. Harris pp. 20 to 21"
Click here for the Newsletter. Thanks to Our Foundation Newsletter. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Webinar: New Generations Service

The Rotary Coordinator Team will be hosting webinars over the coming Rotary year focused on topics pertinent to Rotary growth and enhancement. The first — New Generations — was archived and can be accessed by clicking on the link. Be on the lookout for the next webinar coming to you soon….

Click here for the webinar!

Turn New Generations into the Next Generation of Rotarians

Turn New Generations into the Next Generation of Rotarians from Rotary International on Vimeo.

Vocational Seminars for New Generations

For Vocational Service month The Rotary Club of Parkersburg WV conducted a series of seminars for their Interact partner, Parkersburg South High School. 

In this picture, Rtn. Rich Shaffer is asking panelists Marie Foster-Gnage (President of WVUP), Tom Eschbacher (Principal PSHS), Bob Stephens (President of McDonough Foundation), and Robert Newell (Mayor of Parkersburg) questions about their vocations.

Great Way to Support New Generations! Thanks to 7530 E-Newsletter, and Rtn. Clark J. Reese.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Preconvention Youth Exchange Meeting

The Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention Meeting, 4-5 May in Bangkok, Thailand, will bring together Rotarians involved in Youth Exchange from around the world, providing an opportunity to join friends, make connections, and discover new ideas.

Admission to the meeting is included in the registration fee for the RI Convention. If participants wish to attend only the preconvention meeting without registering for the convention, they may register for the preconvention for US$50. Youth Exchange students age 18 and under may register for the convention at a reduced rate.

Register by 1 December to receive the lowest rate. Register online through Member Access (Rotarians only) or download the registration form (PDF). From Rotary's Youth Exchange E-Newsletter. 

Is Your Rotary Club Interconnected to it's Star?

Read the latest Jim Henry Rotatorial at Retention Central. From the Zone 33-34 Membership Blog.