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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gates: If it wasn't for Rotarians, Polio eradication wouldn't be getting done!

On the steps of the US Capital on Monday, World Polio Day, Bill Gates met with Rotarians and shared his thoughts with them. PDG Nancy Barbee, the Assistant Rotary Cooordinator for Service, captured these pictures and video. Present were Rotary Foundation Trustee Anne Matthews, Rotary General Secretary John Hewko, PRIP Jim Lacey, and PDG Jody Light from West Virginia! Some Gates quotes:

"Polio is the number one priority of the Gate's Foundation, it's what I spend more of my time on than any other."    

"If it wasn't for Rotary we wouldn't have a chance, because of you, we have a really good chance!" 

"This is the right time to be here- you will make a difference!" 

Hewko, Matthews, Lacey and Gates

The Hat!

Matthews, Hewko, Gates, Lacey 

Gates signs Nancy Barbee's hats as Jody Light looks on...

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