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Friday, October 28, 2011

Famine on the Horn of Africa- Petition by ONE.org.

Watch this. Internet Delivery. Compelling Video. Big Stars. The Power of Social Media. Getting Noticed in Congress.

Any lessons in this for Rotary and Polio Eradication?

Hope is Not a Strategy

In Membership Development, Hope is Not a Strategy. Read more at the Zones 33-34 Membership Blog.

President Kalyan Banerjee Speaks on Membership

See the article here at Zone 33-34 Membership Blog.

The article includes a link to his video presentation.

Advice from "Down Under" if Your Club Needs Reinvigorating!

Australian advice to you if your club is in need of reinvigorating.
  • Invest in Public Relations, advertise and tell people your story.
  • Adopt the interest meeting concept, but only in conjunction with a whole of club change in direction, a set structured plan and willing helpers.
  • You have to ask people to join, they will not walk in the door.
  • Your clubs membership is low for a reason, unsuitable people for Rotary in your area is not the reason.
  • If your attendance is low and meetings boring your club needs to act now.
  • Seek to reduce your average age of the club by attracting 10 - 15 members below 45 in one go, these people are out there and are waiting to be asked.
  • Actively seek and involve Non Rotarians in your programs and fundraising, this is a good avenue for new members. Make a rule that RYE students stay with non Rotarians; you will get new young members.
  • Create a feeling of honor and prestige for people taking on board positions.
  • Do not think you know what makes a good Rotarian, you will be surprised who will become active members.
  • Make sure you have good meals and an interesting guest speaker at every meeting.
From the Rotary on the Move Newsletter from "Down Under" Article by Rtn. Jerry Pilcher, RC of Kununurra, D9450). 

RI Website’s Useful Shortcuts for Membership, Strategic Planning, New Generations and Publicity

Prepared by Christine Sanders, Manager, Rotary Coordinator Program, RI

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate rotary.org and find exactly what you need. Below is a list of five useful shortcuts:

Rotary in Haiti Video- Dr Claude Surena Reflects

Rotarian Claude Surena, a physician, remembers the earthquake in Haiti and its immediate aftermath. Surena, his wife, and volunteers treated more than 100 survivors in his courtyard over three weeks, using supplies collected from neighbors and friends. Today, Surena is helping the country rebuild as head of District 7020's Haiti Task Force. See his video  showing what the Haiti Task Force is doing.

New Bill Gates "This Close Video" Available

A new version of Rotary’s “This Close” video is available, featuring Bill Gates, cochair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With the help of Gates and other notable figures, including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, conservationist Jane Goodall, and actor Jackie Chan, the campaign keeps getting stronger. Help promote the video by copying the embed code into your website or blog, and sharing the video on your Facebook page, in your club or district newsletter, or through Twitter. Watch the video. From Rotary PR Tips. 

Contribute to the PolioPlus Fund

End Polio Now. Be a part of history and help Rotary achieve a polio-free world. 

Eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition. 

Make a one-time gift or enroll in recurring giving.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

DHL Ships Humanitarian Aid

Shared with Rotarians from Mitchell Judd, Director Business Development, Aid + Relief for DHL. 

I work in DHL’s Aid & Relief department, it is a specialized unit established to work with not for profit organizations and assist in shipping cargo to the developing countries of the world . We handle air and sea cargo on a door to door basis to any global destination.

I have shipped for a number of different rotary Club organizations over the years and I know that your organization is very decentralized. I thought this email might be a good way to reach a number of clubs at the same time and make them aware of our existence and our fairly unique organization and abilities.
Just in the past few weeks I was asked to help one group with delivering a container of nets fromMombasa port in Kenya to the door in Juba, Sudan. Another organization in the Midwest that ships donated hospital supplies asked me to quote on shipping and delivering three containers of hospital supplies to inside Nigeria.

This is the sort of work that our department handles all the time. We just send two containers of health kits from Pennsylvania to the Dadaab refugee camps in northern Kenya, we also sent 20 tons of food and medicine to Mogadishu, Somalia for another charity organization.
Whether you are shipping to Africa, Asia, South or Central America we have our own offices ready and able to assist with whatever services may be required to further the goals of your organizations projects .

We would very much welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your organization.

Contact information: DHL GLOBAL FORWARDING, Building 89- Cargo Area C, JFK International Airport, Jamaica, NY 11430 (USA), Tel : (718) 244 3067 , Cell: (646) 401 1934 mitchell.judd@dhl.comwww.dhl-dgf.com

Webinar: Use RAGS for better Clubs Service Projects

Are you interested in increasing the effectiveness of your service projects? Interested in joining or partnering with a Rotarian Action Group (RAG)? Not sure what a RAG even is?

Join us for a free, 60-minute webinar to learn how Rotarian Action Groups help Rotary clubs and districts around the world maximize their service projects. We’ll be hearing from two speakers who will share their experiences in carrying out effective international service through collaboration with RAGs.

Marion Bunch, District 6900, is the CEO of Rotarians for Fighting AIDS (RFFA), a RAG that uses advocacy and education to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and around the world.

Patricia Fiske, District 5450, has helped lead multiple projects with the World Health Fairs RAG to boost health awareness and medical access to rural villagers in YunNan Province, China.

Register today to attend our first RAG webinar and learn about how your club and district can benefit by partnering with a RAG. The webinars are offered over three time slots in both Spanish and English for our international Rotary community.Work with Rotarian Action Groups to Maximize your Service Projects (Note: the following sessions are in English)

Option 1: Tuesday, 8 November 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT
Option 2: Tuesday, 8 November 18:00 PM – 19:00 PM CDT

Colabore con los Grupos de Acción Rotaria para aprovechar al máximo sus proyectos de servicio (Note: the following session is in Spanish)- Friday, 11 November 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT

Spread the word about RAGS! Invite other Rotarians to attend this important event to improve the work of clubs and districts and grow their efforts around the world. All are welcome! From Rotary.org Community Service Update.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gates: If it wasn't for Rotarians, Polio eradication wouldn't be getting done!

On the steps of the US Capital on Monday, World Polio Day, Bill Gates met with Rotarians and shared his thoughts with them. PDG Nancy Barbee, the Assistant Rotary Cooordinator for Service, captured these pictures and video. Present were Rotary Foundation Trustee Anne Matthews, Rotary General Secretary John Hewko, PRIP Jim Lacey, and PDG Jody Light from West Virginia! Some Gates quotes:

"Polio is the number one priority of the Gate's Foundation, it's what I spend more of my time on than any other."    

"If it wasn't for Rotary we wouldn't have a chance, because of you, we have a really good chance!" 

"This is the right time to be here- you will make a difference!" 

Hewko, Matthews, Lacey and Gates

The Hat!

Matthews, Hewko, Gates, Lacey 

Gates signs Nancy Barbee's hats as Jody Light looks on...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Branding: The Latest Information from RI

Paul Hydzik, Manager of Marketing at Rotary International conducted a session on branding our organization this morning during a webinar.

Click here for the Presentation from the Rotary Branding Webinar.

If you select the "download original" option from the "file" menu, the adobe document is smaller (2MB) and the text of the presentation can be accessed by placing your cursor over the small orange callout box at the top left corner of each slide.

If you were not able to attend, or if you would like to watch and listen again, the recordings are available on GoToWebinar by clicking here. 25 October webinar (9:00 am Chicago time)

At least temporarily, you can download the ppt branding presentation from Paul Hydzik, here. (22MB)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Training: Governor-Elects Score a Touchdown during GETS Rotary Coordinator Session

Each year Governor Elects are trained at the Rotary Institute as a prequel to the International Assembly. This year, to meet the needs of that group, they were surveyed by Training Leaders, and training for their preferred topics was prepared. Although the Rotary Coordinators, Marcy Ullom (Zone 34) and Bevin Wall (Zone 33) were presented with a varied mix of topics for their session on Thursday morning, a little creativity and planning made the sessions a hit with the Governors Elect.

In the midst of college and professional football season, the topics and exercises were given football motifs and slants. Any football announcer would be proud to announce this lineup:

The Game Plan: How to put your District Plan together, included small group discussion of planning goals and steps, and a process that summarized and explained key steps.

The Roster: Who are the Players in Your Offensive and Defensive Schemes, included a small group exercise using prepackaged "Rotary Trading Cards", complete with football players on the front, with various district positions and committees substituted. The Governor Elects demonstrated for each other how their respective districts are organized, the changes they are considering, and why, taped them to an organizational chart, and then did a "walk around" to look at the products of each group. Digital photos were taken of each groups' organizational chart for publication on the web and later review.

Your Play Book: What are your District's "Go-To" Plays (Best Practices), was an paired exercise where a district's "best practices" were committed to paper, discussed and collected.

Sports Center Highlights: What is your Legacy?, had the group do a time travel exercise to 10 years in the future, to consider what people will remember about the year they were Governor. They were then challenged to "back-in" to their planning in a realistic way, even though several Governors had never considered planning from this perspective. The results were shared and emphasized with the rousing exclamation of the "Sports Center theme" at the end.

Bowl Game Strategies: Take your District Conference to the Next Level, was a "brainstorming" exercise, where participants were asked to think "outside the box" on ways to take their conference to the "next level", without those worrisome considerations of money or logistics. Select results were shared with the group.
Injured Reserve: How to get our Injured Players (Clubs) back into the Game, was the final exercise of the session dealing with how to troubleshoot club membership problems. An impromptu panel of Past District Membership Chairs was assembled and lined up to answer some prepared questions and some from the group- the catch, that they had to have the "football" in their hands to speak! There were quite a few passes, laterals and hand-offs before the session was completed.

If this sounded like fun- it was! Even with an 8:00am start time on the second day of training there was high energy and a fun vibe in the room. I am not sure how much RI President Elect Tanaka understands about football, but by his smiles and gestures we could tell he understood when Rotarians were effectively sharing, learning and having fun!

Thanks to Director John Smarge, and Training Leaders Carol King and Charlie Rogers for the courage to allow the DGEs to select their topics, and for giving the Rotary Coordinators the latitude to put together an effective and fun training session! Score!

Small Loans & Vocational Service

Small loans make a big difference

By offering small loans to entrepreneurs, particularly women, in impoverished regions, Rotarians promote economic and community development, one of Rotary's areas of focus.
From Rotary.org Weekly Update 

Today is World Polio Day and for only $1 you can immunize 10 children against polio.

Today marks World Polio Day and Rotary is the featured non-profit on the great fundraising site called Philanthroper. Visit Philanthroper and for only a $1 donation you can immunize 10 children against polio. Visit this site,https://philanthroper.com/, donate $1 and share this message with your friends and family. Together we can end polio.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Special Polioplus Promotions Announced!

The Polio Challenge is the same amount
as Brad & Angelina's Prenup...
a coincidence? I don't think so... 
In a Letter to Club Presidents, Rotary has made the following announcement:
With your help, we have made tremendous progress in the fight to eradicate polio. We are at an historic moment -- less than 1% away from the end of polio forever. In honor of World Polio Day on 24 October 2011, we are asking for your help to tell the world about Rotary’s achievements and to finish the job.
We would like you to encourage your members to participate in two major online initiatives: a 2-for-1 donation recognition campaign and a social media push promoting Rotary’s global polio eradication efforts.
Read the entire letter here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Multi-District PETS and North America's Membership Decline

Have you ever wondered if there is a correlation? Read Jim Henry's analysis at the Zone 33-34 Membership Blog. Original article linked there at Retention Central website.

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is 17 October

Raise awareness by organizing a poverty-reduction project. Read about this day, and learn about Rotary’s economic and community development area of focus.From The Rotary Foundation - Future Vision News October 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Itzah Perlman

Listen to Itzah Perlman talk about how his life was affected by Polio.

World Polio Day is October 24th. Help bring awareness to your community.

100 Ways to Recruit New Members

Clubs are always looking for ways to grow and recruit new members, There are many things club members can do in order to attract new members. 

Here, you’ll find a hundred viable approaches that one could use in order to recruit more members.

Click here for the full article

Monday, October 10, 2011

Webinar: The Why's and How's of e-Clubs

The Why's and How's of e-Clubs

October 12, 2011

6 pm — webinar

To join us, click on the link and register Wednesday evening. If you're uncertain about webinars, click in between 5:30 and 5:55 and Don Chandler, great Rotarian and webinar host, will help you become familiar. Please spread the word to those who might be interested in attending and/or starting an e-club or just want to know what this new-fangled format is!

Marcy Ullom, Ed.D., Zone 34 Rotary Coordinator (2011-2014), Marcyullom@gmail.com

Service Heroes - RGHF

Marvel Comic Superhoroes
The Rotary Global History Fellowship is one of the most active Rotary groups around. They have a very distinguished group of Rotarians who they have named RGHF Heroes. If you need some validation that all it takes is one inspired person to change the world!, then read these bios...

Read about the RGHF heroes here. Go to the RGHF website.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Vocational Service Month is Here

October is Vocational Service Month. Encourage your club to dedicate at least one meeting to discussing vocational service, and to plan related activities throughout the year. Find ideas in the Vocational Service Month flier.

Now is also a great time for clubs to begin working toward the 2011-12 Changemaker Award. To qualify, clubs must complete activities in each of the five Avenues of Service. Vocational service options include:
  1. Conduct a program to recognize high ethical standards and public values in the community.
  2. Organize at least one professional networking event in which club members can meet other local professionals and introduce them to Rotary.
  3. Sponsor a career day in which club members bring young people to their places of business to inform them about career opportunities. See the 2011-12 Changemaker Award brochure for details. From the Vocational Service Update

Donate to the "Areas of Focus"?

Yes, the Rotary Foundation has now set up a way to donate to one of the six RI & Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus. In stock market terms, it's like buying into a mutual fund emphasizing a market sector, without the "risk" of investing in one specific stock in that sector.

For example, maybe your club or district would like to donate to the Economic and Community Development Fund to commemorate The International Day of the Eradication of Poverty on October 17. It's now as easy as any other donation to our Foundation. It counts as an "Annual Fund" gift. You should be able to make these donations by mid-October!  Read more. From News @ Rotary.org. 

RI president promotes technology

Want to attract young professionals to your club? Go online!

As far as young people are concerned, “a club that doesn’t have a presence on the Internet simply doesn’t exist,” says RI President Kalyan Banerjee. “A club’s website is its public face — and it has to be a good one.”

Keep your club website updated, and take advantage of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to young men and women.

Read more. From Membership Minute, Oct 2011. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Webinar- Social Media

Sign up for a webinar to learn how to use social media to promote your club or district. You will find out how to get started with social networks and how to effectively use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The advanced webinar will focus on more complex social media applications.

Click on a date below to register. Listings are Central Time; check for your local time.

Wednesday, 12 October, 11:00-12:00 — English
Wednesday, 19 October, 18:00-19:00 — English

The basics webinar is offered in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. The advanced webinar is offered in English only. For details about the upcoming webinars in languages, please visit www.rotary.org/webinars.

From Rotary Training Talk

Free Webinar- Learn about Rotary Action Groups

Rotarian Action Groups are organized by Rotarians, their spouses, and Rotaractors who have expertise in, or a passion for, a particular type of service. These groups provide support to Rotary clubs and districts, helping them plan and implement service projects. The 15 Rotarian Action Groups collaborate on projects around the globe in areas such as water and sanitation, microcredit, and blood donation.

Register for a free 60-minute webinar on Rotarian Action Groups on 8 November (English only) or 11 November (Spanish only):

English: Tuesday, 8 November, 10:00-11:00 or18:00-19:00 CT

Spanish: Friday, 11 November, 10:00-11:00 CT

From Rotary.org's Community Service Update.

Maryland Club Project Featured in World Food Day Article

Pres. Julie presenting a check
on another project

From Rotary.org's Community Service Update. 

"The United Nations observes 16 October as World Food Day to raise awareness of the global hunger crisis and to encourage action. Here’s what some Rotary clubs are doing to fight hunger in their communities:"

Featured Project:

"Each Friday, the Rotary Club of South Anne Arundel County (Edgewater), Maryland, USA, fills backpacks with nutritious food to ensure that elementary school students from low-income families have enough to eat over the weekend, when they don’t receive free school lunches."
Congratulations to District 7620, Club President Julie St. Marie and the rest of the Club!

Leadership: Predicting the Future

Rotary leaders, "rather than focusing on what might happen, focus on what you can do now to ensure [you and your club] will be successful regardless of what happens. Rather than trying to predict the future, prepare for it."

This and other words of wisdom from author Mark Sanborn in his new release Up, Down, or Sideways: How to Succeed When Times Are Good, Bad, or In Between

Monday, October 3, 2011

RI Strategic Plan Committee Update

Click here for the latest on RI's Strategic Planning & Branding actions from Director Stuart Heal, of the Strategic Planning Committee. Reprinted from the Rotary on the Move Newsletter, October 2011.   

Polio Update - October 2011

See Rotary.org for an article on the latest Polio Eradication status, ahead of World Polio Day October 24.

Atlanta Rotarian Honored by Rossin Portrait Bid

A Paul Harris Portrait painted by Rossin for Rotary International. Auctioned off at the 2011 International Convention in May. The high bid of $170,523 was made by the members and friends of the Rotary Club of Atlanta in honor of Rotarian Wilton Looney and his wife Martha. All proceeds went to help in the fight to
eradicate polio worldwide. 

Since the fall of 2007, Wilton and Martha have contributed about $400,000 to The Rotary Foundation for Polio Eradication. The Rotary Club of Atlanta and District 6900 were challenged by Wilton and have matched the Looney’s gifts with almost another $1,000,000 for polio eradication. Martha had polio in 1949 and now has post polio syndrome.

Photo above taken at Rotary International Headquarters on SEP 19. L-R: Zone 34 Polio Challenge Coordinator Robert Hall, Trustee Anne Matthews, Artist Rossin, Trustee Chair Bill Boyd, Trustee Vice Chair John Germ, RC of Atlanta Immediate Past Chair Bill Nordmark.

In 2001 Rossin relocated to the US where he has now created more than 280 portraits. Rossin joined Rotary in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1998. Today he and his family live in Atlanta and he is member of the Rotary Club of Atlanta. 

Reprinted from The Zone 33 TRF Newsletter, Joe Mulkerrin RRFC