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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Training Tip: Concurrent Sessions Idea

Scheduling concurrent sessions during a training seminar enables participants to choose what interests them most. At the end of the seminar, provide a summary activity so participants can hear highlights of the sessions they didn’t attend.

Organize participants into groups of four to six and appoint a host, or facilitator, for each group. Ask participants to share what they’ve learned with others in their group by writing or illustrating the highlights on a large piece of paper. After 10 minutes, have all but the host find a new group. Using the written highlights, the host summarizes for the new group what the previous participants discussed. Then new participants spend 10 minutes sharing and writing/illustrating their training highlights, followed by another change of groups and a repeat of the process. The exercise is concluded with the hosts coming to the front of the room to share the collected highlights with all participants.

From Rotary Training Talk. 

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