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Monday, August 15, 2011

Saluting Innovative Polio Awareness Events & Fundraisers

Comments from PEC Coordinator Rocky Jacobs Remarks e-letter dated August 13, 2011. 

On July 30th Districts 7610 and 7600 sponsored the second annual “End Polio Now” baseball game at Nationals Ball Park in DC between the Nationals and the Mets. Busloads of Rotarians and their families came from the tidewater and central VA areas of the State and were joined by the Zone 33 RLI annual meeting attendees and local Rotarians and their families from D7610. Attendance was good and the Nationals contributed $5.00 of every ticket sold to the $200M Challenge. I have been a Rotarian for a long time, but I still feel a lot of pride when I see the names of Rotary clubs from MD, DE WV, VA, NC and SC flashed up on the big screen at the ball park showing us in attendance. Congratulations to coodinators Vance Zavela Bill Pollard for a job very well done! 

Congratulations also to the Rotary Club of Hampton Roads, Norfolk VA(D-7600) for completing Campaign PAINless for the 2011-2012 Rotary year. Campaign PAINless is that club’s method of raising a minimum of $2,000 for the $200M Challenge Campaign. I think you can all figure out what the letters stand for … P,A, I, N the first letter of the name of each of the four remaining polio endemic countries. At their weekly meeting the club collects spare change and donations from each of their members until they reach their $2,000 commitment. This year they finished their “campaign” by the end of the first week of August and exceeded their goal by $346 for a total of $2,346 for the $200M Challenge Campaign.

District 7630 is to be commended for a great new idea for spreading the word about our efforts. District PolioPlus Chair Tom Talley and his eight area advocates have secured $200M Polio Challenge posters for placement in vacant storefronts throughout the district. What a great way to make their communities aware of Rotary and our worldwide effort to rid the world of polio. The next time they have a community awareness fundraiser, community members will know WHY.

Thank you all so much for your dedicated efforts to eradicate polio worldwide. The battle is not yet won, and we are facing the most difficult time in the “Campaign,” but your efforts, allowed Zone 33 to rank forth in the Rotary world in Polio giving this past Rotary year and for Rotary and its partners to make excellent progress toward our goal.

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  1. I am interested in getting the students of my school involved with the Pennies for Polio campaign. I can be reached at Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc. in Wilmington DE. at 302-764-9740. I need additional information about how to donate, and where. Thank you