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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rotarians at Work Day

Go to the Rotarians at Work website to get more information on this April 20 2011 event.

RLI Feted as Adjunct Rotary Foundation Training

In the March 2011 edition of the Zones 24-32 Rotary Foundation Newsletter, RRFC Chris Offer states:
"RLI [Rotary Leadership Institute] is an ideal way to complement district Foundation training. The training at District TRF seminars, PETS and assemblies will be enhanced by encouraging club presidents, president elects, TRF Chairs and district TRF committee members to complete the RLI program. RLI has a strong Rotary Foundation component in the curriculum and is adaptable for FV pilot districts."
We will start seeing more of these "integrated" training opportunities. If you are interested in discussing a RLI Training Module in your district event, please contact Zone 33 RLI Chair Bevin Wall.   

Six Areas of Focus for Service & the Future Vision Plan

The words "Future Vision Plan" appear to strike fear in the heart of Rotarians who are familiar with the workings, processes and programs of our Rotary Foundation. But change is inevitable, and all districts will soon see the FVP or a similar, more targeted approach used to implement our Foundation programs.

So why are we bringing this up on a Rotary Coordinator website? Because we are all about SERVICE, whether it is the 7% Rotary clubs do through our Foundation, or the remaining 93% Rotary clubs do outside our Foundation, including local community service, but also a surprising amount of international service. (Percentage provided by RI Programs Manager, Sharon Cyr).

To demystify the type of focus brought to district planning through the FVP, take a look at this model spending plan from FVP Pilot District 7930. You can see that each budgeted activity is assigned to one of the areas of focus. These are six areas that most Rotary clubs would agree are important, and indeed, most existing Rotary club service can be fit into one of those areas.

The end result is that our projects worldwide, while being determined by our clubs, will be focused along the goals of the RI Strategic Plan. This will keep our organization keenly ware of its mission, and make "Rotary" and its goals more easily defined among those organizations providing service to others.    

Thanks to RRFC Chris Offer, the Zones 24-32 Foundation Newsletter, and District 7930, for sharing the model plan.    

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Call Us for New Generations!

District Leaders, as you put plans in motion for your District Assembly and other events, don't forget to take the opportunity to promote Rotary's New Generations programs. These young folks are the future of Rotary.

Contact PDG Jim Probsdorfer, Assistant Rotary Coordinator, for more information.

Click here for the downloadable New Generations Flyer.

Bill Gates to Speak at Convention

According to highly placed sources, and reported by crack reporter ARC Abe Clymer, Bill Gates will be a speaker at the RI convention in New Orleans on May 24.

You heard it here first! 

See Rotary article posted March 4, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

PR- Video on Customizing "Humanity In Motion" Material

A 2 minute movie on customizing Rotary's "Humanity in Motion" Campaign for your local media market. See the Rotary Resources Public Image Page for more information, contacts and ideas.  

Navigating the Global Network

This is the external publication that Non-Rotarians see related to the happenings of Rotary International.

Christchurch New Zealand Earthquake Relief

For the latest information on assisting with disaster relief in Christchurch, New Zealand, click here.

End Polio Now Lightings Gallery

Click here to view the gallery of photos from around the world marking the 106th birthday of Rotary!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leadership Thoughts from the International Assembly

Resources from 2011 training event are available to help Rotarians prepare for the next year. Watch the videos, now!

For view click here.

RYLA Conference in North America

RYLA Conference in North America sponsored by District 7620
Washington, D.C., USA
20-24 July, 2011

This conference is hosted by District 7620 (Washington, D.C., and part of Maryland) and is open to Rotaractors and non-Rotaractors from around the world. The program will include workshops on leadership, Rotaract, and Rotaract officer training; professional development activities; Rotary programs; visits to area embassies, the Capitol, and the Library of Congress; and other social events. This conference is expected to draw participants from many countries. Learn more.

World Rotaract Week is 7-13 March

World Rotaract Week is celebrated annually to commemorate the founding of the first Rotaract club in 1968. To mark the occasion, Rotaract clubs, in partnership with their sponsor Rotary clubs, are encouraged to participate in joint projects.

Learn more about World Rotaract Week and find suggestions for projects.

Happy Birthday- Rotary!

Today marks the 106th birthday of the founding of Rotary in Chicago, IL USA, February 23, 1905.

Email your proudest Rotary accomplishment or moment in a celebratory email to your club's Rotarians!

Mine: Establishing over 37,000 friends during my past 22 years in Rotary, including all the Rotarians in Zone 33, Maryland to SC! I know I can pick up the phone and get advice, assistance, and action from any one of these VIPs in their community! What a great thing! And what a powerful tool for doing good in the world!    

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Strategic Plan Materials Available

Review the new materials, including a poster, postcard, and Strategic Planning Guide.
Click here for www.Rotary.org's RI Strategic Plan Page.

"Leadership" Quotes from the RI Assembly

Some great speeches were given at the recent International Assembly in San Diego. At least two of those touched on aspects of "leadership." Here are some quotes from President-Elect Kalyan Banerjee and Past R.I. President Rajendra (Raja) Saboo, both of India:

"To me, leadership is all about other people: helping them achieve their aspirations and alleviating their difficulties so that they can take flight in freedom and without fear. Using a favorite analogy, I have often said that as leaders, we are like caring gardeners who tend their flower beds with love and care and firmness, all at the same time enabling the seed of talent and capability to germinate and grow to bear great flowers and fruits while preventing the weeds of selfishness or indifference from taking root. " President-Elect Banerjee.

"Change is essential to our evolution as an individual, as an institution. It is necessary for our survival. Ordinary leaders fight it; visionary leaders delight in it. Ordinary leaders imitate; visionary leaders innovate. Change is the factor that offers new opportunity, new horizon, new lead to progress." Past President Saboo.

From the Jan 2011 RLI International E-Bulletin

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New E-Learn Modules Highlight RI Strategic Plan

Three new E-Learn Modules (Slideshows) have been released at Rotary.org on the R. I. Strategic Plan. Click the link below to view each module:

Polio Fighters Report In!

View the most recent photos of the Polio National Immunization Day Team in India, led by Assistant Rotary Coordinator for Service, PDG Nancy Barbee.

Read Update Letter from ARC Nancy Barbee and the NID Team!

Monday, February 7, 2011

View latest "This Close" Polio Video

The RI Strategic Plan: Rotary's DNA?

Click here for some thoughts from our RI President on the importance of our new Strategic Plan to the success of Rotary!

Is it - in the Genes?

A Signature Project?

What advice would you give a new club looking to establish a "signature project"? Click here to give your advice or see what other Rotarians have said.

Celebrations upcoming for Water, Malaria & Literacy

For information on the following celebrations, click the link:

Courtesy of Rotary International's Community Service Update

World Water Summit IV Information

The upcoming World Water Summit IV sponsored by the Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group includes world leaders in water & sanitation and Rotarians who attend will learn very valuable information that will help improve Rotary Club WASH (water and sanitation, health) projects.

Water Projects are being stressed because of the RI Strategic Plan's goal of increasing humanitarian service, and water & sanitation being one of the six areas of focus.

More information is available at http://startwithwater.org/page.aspx?name=world-water-summit

Shared by: PDG Nancy Gilbert, RC West Shore, Victoria, Canada, Rotary Coordinator, Zone 24 East, 2010

Saturday, February 5, 2011

End Polio Now Hits the News!

It was exciting to see Rotary at the forefront of the news last week as Bill Gates announced his annual letter and priority on polio eradication. ABC, NPR and FOX were some of the major media outlets to cover the story. Everywhere Bill Gates went, he was seen wearing our red End Polio Now pin. I must admit I was choked up with pride hearing him mention Rotary’s role during the Daily Show.
Still, some Rotarians expressed some dismay that we were not mentioned prominently in articles in USA Today and the New York times.
Below is a list of recent news stories to reference and share with Rotarians. If you missed the live versions, the links are provided to check out now.
Our PR department has responded to the New York Times and USA Today articles and to individual Rotarians who took the time to write to us. If you receive any inquiries from concerned Rotarians, please let us know so we can respond directly to them.

Bill Gates Annual Letter- (Gates mentions Rotary and GS Ed Futa asks the first question): http://www.gatesfoundation.org/annual-letter/2011/Pages/webcast.aspx
Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Gates mentions Rotary and wears an End Polio Now pin): http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/mon-january-31-2011-bill-gates
NPR Talk of the Nation (Rotarian caller mentions Rotary then Gates mentions org) http://www.npr.org/2011/01/31/133377748/bill-gates-goal-get-rid-of-polio-forever

Submitted by Joanne Bertsche, Annual Giving Officer, The Rotary Foundation via Joe Mulkerrin, Zone 33 Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator.

Bill Gates Polio Web Conference

A very exciting web conference was hosted this week by Bill Gates featuring many notable Polio experts. Enjoy and pass on the following webcast to your club PR Chairs! Feel free to post this on your district and club websites, etc.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Polio Study Released

A recent study published in the Vaccine journal, “Economic Analysis of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative,”estimated that the initiative could prevent more than eight million cases of paralytic polio and save US$40 billion to $50 billion, if the wild polio virus is eradicated in 2012 or shortly thereafter. The study provides the first rigorous evaluation of the benefits and costs of the Polio Eradication —the single largest project ever undertaken by the global health community. The study comes at a crucial time—following an outbreak in Congo and in Tajikistan last year—that highlight the risk of delays in finishing the job to eradicate polio. read more  Thanks to Zone 24-32 Foundation Newsletter

Ride Your Harley to New Orleans Convention

The International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians (IFMR) has announced plans for motorcycle rides to the New Orleans convention to promote awareness and raise money for POLIO PLUS. The Rotary Foundation is working closely with IFMR and the Convention Promotion Committee to help insure the success of this innovative effort by a Rotary fellowship group. There are four routes. Click here for all details, including a map and contact information.

Watch Rotary's "This Close" Video

Register for Free Social Media Seminar

Rotary International is offering a free webinar on social media use for promotion of Rotary clubs. Click here for more information.