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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gametime Playground Grants

GameTime has established a special Fund to support local Rotary clubs with their community improvement projects. This Grant is for playgrounds, and must be ordered by November 17, 2010 and shipped this year. GameTime will match up to 100% of the playground equipment funds. Surfacing, installation and shipping are separate. For more information contact Liz Hagerty at lhaggerty@gametime.com or Phone : (256) 996-5018 * Fax: (860) 606-9567. Click here for the special Rotary promotional section of their website.

What Most (Non)Rotarians Don't Know About Rotary

Most non-Rotarians have little background information on Rotary and when we try to explain what Rotary is about we usually discuss the aspects of Rotary for which we are most familiar. Often a Club will become involved in eight to ten programs or projects each year and Club members know and understand those programs but may be unaware of how many programs Rotary offers at a District level.

Each District has a menu of support services and program opportunities for its Clubs. The goal is to assist and improve Club operations as well as help develop effective local, regional, and international programs and projects. Each of the over 500 Rotary Districts are supported by a staff of Rotarian volunteers to assist in the formation and maintenance of each project or program.

Progress Report: RI Strategic Plan

See the June 2010 review Progress Report from the RI Board of Directors on the RI Strategic Plan areas. See an article at Rotary News on the Progress Report. Click here for RI Strategic Plan resources.

Of note: The progress report highlights gains that Rotary has made in eradicating polio, advancing the recognition and public image of RI, increasing Rotary's capacity to serve, expanding membership globally in number and quality, emphasizing Rotary's unique vocational service commitment, optimizing leadership talents within RI, and fully implementing the strategic planning process.

Social Media & The Future of Rotary

View this video resource. 2:06 seconds.

RI Social Media video from Rotary International on Vimeo.

End Polio Now Lighting Resources

If you are planning to commemorate Rotary's birthday, February 23, with an End Polio Now lighting, see this page for suggested resources. A great idea as we near success in eradicating this dread disease forever!  

For additional ideas or resources, contact PIRG J.W. Arnold, the Zone 33 Coordinator with the Public Image Resource Group. See our PR Page. Go to our Service Page.

Friday, October 29, 2010

200 Million Polio Challenge Update

Progress of the US$200 Million Challenge for Polio Eradication
As of 25 October 2010, Rotarians have raised approximately US$149.4 million for the US$200 Million Challenge. These contributions will help Rotary raise US$200 million to match US$355 million in challenge grants received from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

World Polio Day Story Link

This Close Ad Story Link

From The October 2010 Coordinator Communique

Leadership: Is it an Art or a Science?

See this insightful article from Tanveer Naseer.

Contact ARC for Leadership, Innovation, Training & Strategic Planning, Abe Clymer, or RC Bevin Wall for support on leadership or training issues.  

New Rotary Video Resources Online

Click here for an article from RI Zones 25-26 Membership News.

2010 Rotary Manual of Procedure Available

The 2010 Rotary Manual of Procedure is available today on the RI website:


This new MOP will include all the adopted resolutions from the recent Council on Legislation. You may want to bookmark or save the document for easy reference.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rotaract Council

A Rotaract Council will be held for the first time on 20 May during the Rotaract Preconvention Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
At the three-hour council, which will be modeled after the RI Council on Legislation, Rotaractors who are registered for and present at the preconvention meeting will be able to consider and vote on nonbinding resolutions to change the Rotaract program. The Rotaract Council's recommendations will be reviewed by the 2011-12 Rotaract and Interact Committee, then considered by the RI Board of Directors in September 2011.
A Rotaractor proposed the idea for the Rotaract Council during a question-and-answer session with 2010-11 RI President Ray Klinginsmith at the Rotaract Preconvention Meeting in Montréal, Québec, Canada, in June. Klinginsmith liked the suggestion and moved the proposal forward.

Delaware Rotarians Take to the Air

There are all type of ways to get the word out about the great things that Rotarians do in their communities and world. District 7630 Rotarians (Delaware-Maryland USA), led by Past District Governor Carol Ann Weisenfeld, take to the airwaves via radio broadcast weekly to tell the story of Rotary.

Pathways to Service is a program about Rotary, featuring Rotary related guests and topics. Each Sunday morning from 7:30-8am on 1150 AM WDEL, the show highlights Rotary News of the Week, a special guest and topic for the week, and the President’s Corner, featuring a Rotary President from Delaware or the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The shows are podcast, so you can listen in here. To contact Carol Ann about the show, please email her at: pathways@rotary7630.org. Thanks to 7630 District Governor Don Hackett for letting us know about this valuable Rotary resource.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Early Mardi Gras in District 7600

District 7600, having one of the few Fall district conferences in Zone 33, set the bar pretty high for RI Convention themed events with it Mardi Gras celebration. Mardi Gras masks, tuxedos and formal gowns marked the occasion, as did many event themed contests during the weekend.

Congratulations on District Governor Jayne Sullivan for "leading the way" to New Orleans! 

See pictures from their fantastic conference here. Get New Orleans Convention information here. Visit the New Orleans Host Committee site.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Training & Programs: Don't Treat All Rotarians Alike!

Once of the complexities of training Rotarians and running effective compelling programming for Rotarians within clubs is that there are many different constituencies within the club, and many of those groups perceive and learn differently. Click here for a synopsis article from Rotary 360 that applies learning theory to your club's Rotarians. Click on the graphic below to enlarge it. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

World Polio Day October 24

On Oct. 24, World Polio Day, we hope you will take the opportunity to celebrate the tremendous progress Rotarians have made in their efforts to eradicate polio. There is lots of good news...

Click here for more on World Polio Day.

From The Rotary Coordinator Blog.

Uniendo América project fairs

What is this?

Fast Facts:
Uniendo América project fairs have taken place in several Central and South American countries, including Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Honduras. The 2011 Uniendo América Project Fair will be held 26-29 January in David, Panama. Learn more.

The Uniendo América project fair was the launching pad for microcredit projects in Central America.

Districts 3780, 3800, 3830, and 3860 hosted the first project fair to take place in the Philippines in 2009. More than 1,300 Rotarians attended the inaugural event.

The sixth West Africa Project Fair will be held in Accra, Ghana, in November. The annual event is hosted by districts 9100, 9110, 9125, and 9140, which together comprise 15 countries.

Click here to find out more about this tremendous resource for international projects for Rotary clubs. Areas of focus are Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.

From Rotary.org: Interactive.

Video: What Interact means to us?

An Entry in last year's Interact video contest will bring a SMILE to your face. Click here for information on this year's contest.

Message from Water Team International

Our mission is to supply clean drinking water to all the less fortunate people in the world. Rotary can help make this happen. We will help find Host and International Partners and then put them together so they can do Rotary Water Matching Grants. Please let me know the names of all Rotarians that have an interest in this area. The more passionate Rotarians we have on this site the easier it will be to accomplish our goal.

Grants Total: $1,546,594
People Served: 247,455

Click here for the latest e-letter from Water Team International.

Best Practices for Rotary Club Websites

Click here for a summary, slides, and other information from an RI Webinar conducted by The Leadership & Education Training Division of RI Staff on October 13, 2010 on the Topic of Best Practices for Rotary Club Websites.

Thanks: http://zones25-26membership.blogspot.com/

Handwashing in Haiti

Click here for a great initiative from Pure water for the World.

Button: "We've Always Done It That Way"

Who's button and what's it about? Click here to find out.

Thanks to Rotary 360.

Training: Model Positive Behavior

Thanks to a Rotarian in District 3790 (Philippines) for this tip:
When conducting a train-the-trainer session, the trainer should strive to model positive feedback to trainees. As a trainer, consider different ways to correct information that is wrong, and encourage openness to everyone’s opinions. Remind trainees that people can agree to disagree. Be appreciative of good points, and don’t forget to use humor to set the mood of a happy learning environment.
Idea from Rotary Training Talk. Sign up here for the e-letter.

Club Consensus on Projects?

See what Rotarians around the world say about what their community needs and how your club can come to a consensus on a project?

Video: RYLA: Tomorrow's Leaders

Preview this great video showcasing one of RI's most effective programs: RYLA or Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conferences.

In the video, District 6450 (Illinois, USA) combines classroom activities and outdoor exercises to develop leadership skills in high school students during its three-day Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.

What's a Friendship Tree?

Find out here.

Cary NC's Andrew Carr featured in The Rotarian

Click here for a feature in the October 2010 Rotarian on Cary NC Rotary's Andrew Carr, who is dedicating his life to service.

“It takes a little getting used to, living in a bunk space, just taking along what you need, but you find out you don’t need a big wardrobe or a fancy car,” he says. “It’s been crazy. It’s a really cool adventure; I absolutely love it. I travel all over the United States, all over the world. It’s a dream come true that I don’t think would have ever happened if I hadn’t joined Rotary at 22 years old.”
Andrew Carr is a member of the Rotary Club of Research Triangle Park, NC. Thanks to Rotary News.   

Pres. Ray's October Update

Access R.I. President Ray Klinginsmith's October Newsletter to District Governors here. Discussed:

  • World Polio Day
  • 2011 New Orleans Convention Features, Discounts, 1-Day Pass to House of Friendship
  • Ray's Rotary Reunions in Africa
  • Rotary Float at Tournament of Roses Parade
  • Use your Rotary Coordinators! 

Updates to Recommended Club Bylaws Coming

Changes are coming based on actions at the last Council on Legislation. Get this information update from Rotary 360. The actual changed documents will be linked here when they occur.

Lessons in Leadership from Sculpture

Don't Get Too Attached! For a unique viewpoint on leadership tenets from sculpture, see this link to a post by Mary Jo Asmus.

Mary Jo is a former Fortune 500 executive-turned-president of an executive coaching firm, Aspire Collaborative Services. Her company works with high potential leaders and senior executives in Fortune 100, government, and non-profit organizations around the world.

Post courtesy of http://www.tanveernaseer.com/   

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Water Man on the Radio

George Lewis, better know as the "Water Man" was on a New York Radio Show today talking about water projects around the world. He told how he became a Rotarian and he also told the host about Matching Grants and how one program given at his club about a water project inspired his commitment to providing clean drinking water to those who live with polluted water on a daily basis. 6,000 children die every day from water born diseases including POLIO.

Please follow Water Team International on Facebook.

Polio- Double Points, Contribute Online

18-24 October 2010, The Rotary Foundation will be giving double Paul Harris Fellow Recognition points for all online contributions of $100 or more.

GREAT IDEA: Designate a club Member to bring a lap top to this week's meeting. Members could go one by one to an adjacent room or private space to contribute on-line and get painted by Club's "Manicurist". One of our Zone's Districts [7600
, Southeast Virginia, Gov. Jayne Sullivan] collected $1,300 in an hour at their recent conference and painted purple magic marker pinkies for all who made a donation.

Please note that it will take 4-6 weeks for the promotional recognition points to appear.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Africa Projects Await

There are literally scores of ready-made projects in Africa waiting for an international partner. Can you help?

To see some of these projects Reach out to Africa here.  To see about project safaris to Africa to scout a project, click here. To contact a representative of ROTA, click here.  

Contact ARC Nancy Barbee for more information on service opportunities for your club or district.  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Water Project Basic Resources

Are you planning a water and sanitation project? If so, you may find the following resources helpful in considering how to identify needs and address them:
  • Start with the community. Before any project is planned, make sure the community is involved and values the project activities. If the community feels ownership of the project, they’re much more likely to sustain it. For more information, see UN-HABITAT's step-by-step guide.
  • Don’t forget hygiene. Did you know that when people wash their hands at key times, their risk for diarrheal disease is decreased by 45 percent? For useful tools in a variety of languages, visit USAID’s Hygiene Improvement Project.
  • Use government-approved equipment. Using equipment approved by the local government will make it easier for project beneficiaries to find replacement parts and maintain the equipment. Information on hand-pump technologies is available from the Rural Water Supply Network.
  • Talk toilets. Approximately 2.6 billion people lack access to improved sanitation facilities. Community-led total sanitation is a groundbreaking method for putting the power in a community’s hands. Review a handbook on CLTS.
  • Visit WASRAG. The Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group offers numerous online resources.
  • Contact Rotary’s area of focus manager. The Rotary Foundation has hired a Water and Sanitation Area of Focus manager to help answer your questions and serve as a resource to Rotarians planning projects. E-mail your questions and feedback to Amanda Robertson.
From www.Rotary.org. Future Vision E-bulletin. 

More "Rotary Logic"

Click here for more of President Ray Klinginsmith's "Rotary Logic" as applies to this year's theme and service! 

Thanks to Rotary 360 website.

Fight Hunger in Your Community

According to the UN World Food Programme, nearly one billion people live in chronic hunger today—around one in seven people on earth. Deprived of proper nutrition, malnourished children are especially vulnerable to common diseases such as measles and diarrhea. Each year, around six million children die as a direct result of poor nutrition, accounting for half of all child deaths.

Rotarians can, and do, make a difference! See some examples of life-changing Rotary projects on the hunger issue.

Article by Amanda Runge, Rotary International.

RI Public Relations Campaign Wins International Award

OCT. 5, 2010, NEW YORK CITY -- Rotary International's "End Polio Now" public relations campaign was the honorable mention award recipient for global campaigns at the PR News PR Platinum Awards Ceremony held in New York City on Tuesday, Oct. 5. The category recognized outstanding international campaigns and other finalists included Coca-Cola, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Honeywell Aerospace, Saab Automotive and Symantec.

Zone 33 Public Image Resource Group coordinator J.W. Arnold represented Rotary International at the awards ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of RI's public relations division, which conceived and executed the campaign.

"Rotary International is truly a global organization with 1.2 million members in more than 200 countries," he said. "This award recognizes the challenges of mounting a successful global campaign across so many different cultures and languages. Once again, our shared dedication to better our communities transcends our differences and unites us all as Rotarians."

Community Project PR Tips

1. For projects in the community, the best way to attract media coverage is with some sort of event. Encourage the clubs to engage in a hands-on activity -- something that can be photographed for the newspaper or aired on TV. They should be wearing RI apparel and there should be some signage to identify that Rotary is at work. Encourage your clubs to involve their entire families, if possible.

2. Get the word out to the media. There doesn't have to be a fancy news release, but a simple email with the basics (WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN) followed up with a phone call should do the trick. We have a couple of weeks, so the timing is good to let the local media know what your clubs are doing in their communities. It's also a good idea to remind the media on the Thursday before, too.

3. Even if there is no media on hand, make sure that your clubs have a camera on hand. Take pictures of Rotarians at work, presenting checks, etc. and send those to your local news papers as soon after the event as possible. (Many of these publications are weeklies, so we need to keep it timely.) Be sure that everyone in the picture is identified and that you provide as much information as possible about your activity.

4. The media has undergone a huge change in recent years. In addition to local TV and radio stations and newspapers, don't forget any websites or blogs that cover your community. Especially in suburban areas, these web-based outlets have largely taken over coverage of very local news. Include them in the announcement of your event and don't forget to send them photos afterwards. They're looking for news, too, and don't have the constraints of a printed publication.

See the Public Image, Vocational Service & Networking Page for more information, or contact RC Team Member, J.W. Arnold, our Zone Public Image Resource Group Coordinator. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Governors Go to Haiti

At the conclusion of the Zones 33-34 Institute in Naples Florida this week, a group of current and past officers of RI are visiting the earthquake ravaged areas of Haiti for a fact-finding and humanitarian mission.

Please stay tuned here for more information as it becomes available. RI Director John Smarge is leading the mission.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

RYLA to Scholar to Rotaractor

An inspiring story on one young ladies' Rotary assisted journey as a leader and visionary for world peace.

From RotaryNews.org

Top 10 Reasons to Go to New Orleans Convention

As if you need any more reasons to visit exciting New Orleans...

Click here for some Rotary Reasons from the October Rotarian Magazine!

Register for the convention here.

Change & Leadership - Thoughts from The Rotary Leadership Institute RLI

What does CHANGE have to do with LEADERSHIP? Leadership "guru" John P. Kotter of the Harvard Business School has said that
"Almost always, leadership produces change. Go back in history and read about the people who were great leaders, and you will see that they were always focused on change".
Most readers who have visited a number of Rotary clubs over the years will probably agree that many of the clubs do not see the need for any change. If you define positive change, in part, as improvement, what club (or anything) would not benefit by change? Change does not always mean dramatic or extensive change, but positive changes that make a Rotary club better. Unfortunately, there is a certain comfort level in just doing the same things over and over and good leaders have to find a way to encourage change in the face of that comfort.

From The RLI International E-Bulletin. For more information visit the website of Zone 33 RLI, www.rli33.org.

What is Rotary's Brand?

The question of "What is Rotary's brand?" was the subject of a day long seminar at the Rotary Institute at Naples Florida on September 30, 2010. The seminar was led by nationally recognized corporate consultant and branding expert Darryl Cobbin of Brand Positioning Doctors and was organized by Director John Smarge and Rotary Coordinators Bevin Wall (Zone 33) and Jim Henry (Zone 34).

The seminar was introduced by a plenary session talk by Cobbin before the 500 conference participants on "The Ten Commandments of Branding", prior to splitting out a 40 person group of of branding-interested, geographically diverse Rotarians of mixed levels of experience in Rotary and branding. Key to the seminar was the concept of "what makes the Rotary organization distinct among its peers?".

Of note, R.I. President-Elect Kalyan Banerjee of India, R.I.General Secretary Ed Futa, R.I. Director Antonio Hallage from Brazil, and several RI Staff members were present for the seminar.

In later comments before the Rotary Institute, President-Elect Bannerjee indicated that the Branding endeavor was an experience that he intended to support at a higher level in Rotary, either regionally or internationally.

A Branding Seminar Group, led by Governor-Elect Gordon Matthews, will follow up the results, coordinate further group activities, and provide updates to the Director as available. Those updates will be posted to this site, as available.

Identifying & Working with Problem Clubs

A district's primary function is to assist Rotary clubs. Therefore, for District Governors, working with clubs with "problems" is a key skill to develop. Zone 33 District Governors in training for 2011-12 grappled with this issue during their training in Naples, Florida with Rotary Coordinator Bevin Wall leading the exchange.

What is? Governor-elects identified problem clubs as those meeting RI's definitions (fail to function, refuse visits, don't report, no President), but also from a membership measure (clubs under 20, net loss, low retention rates), lack of balance (by reference to RI Strategic Plan or Avenues of Service), failure to support our Rotary Foundation, and those clubs that self-identified problems.

Analysis? Clubs can be looked at by many standard measures for analysis. Rotary Membership Club Assessment Tools includes a "Member Satisfaction Survey", and reference was also made to the Club Inventory and Club Planning Worksheet. A Zone 33 RC Team developed Club Personality Profile (CPP) tool was also discussed and reviewed, which built a visual profile from clubs attributes on the x axis of local versus global focus, and the y axis of elite versus volunteer focus. Tools provide a snapshot in time, and may help with analysis of appropriate deficits and resources.

Resources? Governor-elects identified many options for resources. Targeting the appropriate resource was discussed in light of a four-square table focusing the best people or materials resources toward primarily clubs or district needs. 

District support by the RC Team was emphasized for all options. Stay tuned for more ideas for identifying & working with problem clubs.