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Monday, August 30, 2010

What are Rotary Coordinators About?

Rotary Coordinators work for you!
  1. Developing UNDERSTANDING by districts of RI Strategic Plan and how we all fit in; 
  2. WORKING to support district events to strengthen clubs, focus service & enhance PR; 
  3. Looking for multi-district SHARING opportunities that benefit the whole; and
  4. Putting RESOURCES in one place for district leaders- "Rotary Resources".  
Contact RC Bevin Wall for input on these overarching goals!  

Wold Polio Day- Plan Your Event!

World Polio Day is an ideal time for your club or district to raise awareness about polio and garner support for eradication efforts. To share Rotary’s commitment to a polio-free world with local media, use the PolioPlus Headliner Kit,which contains a sample opinion piece, letter to the editor, and several press releases, all of which can be customized to reflect your involvement in the PolioPlus program. Find additional resources at www.rotary.org.  

From Rotary PR Tips. Sign Up for PR Tips.  

Free E-Communication Webinars Available

Rotary International is offering a series of free webinars targeted to clubs involved in electronic communications. These webinars will include Rotarians sharing best practices and assisting other Rotarians. 
Webinar topics and schedules

Websites -- Developing a Club Website -- (To be held Wednesday, 13 October, at 10:00 CDT and Wednesday, 20 October, at 18:00 CDT. Times are for the Chicago area. Please check for your local time.) Get tips on how to develop and manage a website for your club or district from a panel of Rotarian website experts.

Social media (To be held in February)
Share tips on how to successfully promote your club or district using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Newsletters (To be held in April)
What are some tips and best practices for transitioning from a print newsletter to an electronic one?

To register for the Website Webinar, and for more information, go to: http://www.rotary.org/en/MediaAndNews/Multimedia/webinars

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Water Project Opportunity in Africa

WASRAG announces the following service project.

Volunteers Needed
Three persons are needed to complete a team going to Remba island (Kenya) in November 2010. Water on the island is grossly contaminated. Are you interested in taking part in this critical WASH Project? If so, read on:
Skills needed...
If you have skills in the following areas:

* Geology or soils or ground water wells
* Water pumps, pipelines and storage selection
* Biogas latrines
* Sustainable energy systems, e.g.: solar, wind or biogas

And, if you have experience in Kenya or similar African countries - you may be the right candidate(s) to join Team Leader John Dracup (an expert in water resource system design and hydrology) and Kathy Dracup (a nurse practitioner who will focus on health issues) on their Site Visit to Remba Island.
Contact person on the island is another Rotarian, Dr. Jeremy Penner who has been working with the political leadership and health agencies
The Project ...
Remba Island is a small fishing island (0.35 square km) in Lake Victoria, Kenya, with a population that fluctuates between 4500 and 8000 (depending on season and fish catch), living in approximately 1500 households. Overall it is a transient population although a portion lives there for several years or more. Most residents are Kenyan, but the population also includes people from Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia. The island is governed by a Beach Management Unit (BMU), which is a 16-member board of elected officials responsible for local administration.
Residents depend on an unimproved water source (source water, directly from the lake), which is Remba Island Fisherygrossly contaminated. Water access and quantity are sufficient (nobody is more than a few minutes walk from the lakeshore).
Site Visit - Details
The Project Planning and Design Team (PPDT) will conduct a site visit to Remba Island during November 2010. The team will spend 2-3 days on the island. The whole trip, including travel to and from the team member's home should be about 7-8 days. Those who are travelling from European or Asian countries may have shorter travel times. Air tickets, visas and vaccinations must be obtained before arriving in Kenya. Click here to see what shots you will need and other health related information:
Vaccines & Health Info for Kenya
Funding for the project will come from a variety of sources:
- The Rotary club of Olympia, Washington will take the lead, along with seven other areas clubs, including West Olympa, Olympia Capital Centennial, Tumwater, Lacey, South Puget Sound, Hawks Prairie and Yelm.
- Rotary club of San Francisco #2, California and the Rotary club of Park City, Dallas, Texas.
- Additional RI grants will be solicited by the Olympa club.
Funding for this trip will be paid by the team members or by their own Rotary clubs
All expressions of interest should be directed to John Dracup at: dracup@ce.berkeley.edu
with a brief statement of your interest and a brief resume. John will get back to you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Humanitarian Service Trip to India

Please contact PDG Doug if you need more information.

Hi Rotarians and friends:
As I visit with many of you and share my Rotary journeys, you often indicate an interest in being involved in humanitarian aid. Now is your opportunity to save the life of a young child and then be with me in India when we celebrate the “Gift of Live” to a child that has been saved. See details here.
You can be with me to actually hold the child you have saved. Come to experience the loving embrace of gratitude from a poor mother and father. They have nothing to give as appreciation other than this, which is far more than any amount of money could ever buy.
Many of you know our D7080 clubs “Healing Little Hearts” surgery project Calcutta, India. So far, 50 surgeries have been funded and we have over 20 completed. We are now working on a matching grant so save another 50 lives at a mere US$1000 per child. Here are three opportunities for you and your club.
(1) Please consider helping save the life of a young child, through your financial contribution. A mere US$1000. can fund life saving surgery.

a. See a copy of the project information at www.matchinggrants.org project 1847
b. See photos of some India children whose lives you have already saved
c. Read more reports on the project
(2) You may wish to consider helping fund an Eye Surgery Hospital located in a remote area too far from city hospitals.

a. See a copy of the project information at www.matchinggrants.org project 1848
b. Come with me in October to help lay the corner stone of our Canadian Hospital
(3) Travel with me to India to meet the Doctors, Rotarians and children whose life you have saved. Imagine the embrace of love and gratitude you will receive from parents who have received your “Gift of Life” to their son or daughter. The experience will also include participation in a Polio NID Inoculation day!

a. See details of the trip here: Depart Oct 17th and return Nov 2nd, flight cost $1352.
b. Itinerary in India coordinated with projects and home hosting by Rotarians. Local costs $632.
You will never experience a 16 day trip to India for less expense and I guarantee that you will never experience the culture and fellowship of India hospitality better than through our Rotary friends there. Space is limited so please do not delay. Contact Hajra Wilson hajra.wilson@me.com to make travel arrangements.
I’m excited to be sharing this lifetime opportunity with you.
Won’t you consider joining us?
With best regards,
Doug V.
PDG Douglas W Vincent, RC Woodstock-Oxford
Rotary Leadership Institute Chair, D7080
WCS Resource Coordinator, Zone 24E
Humanitarian Missions Chair, D7080
CRCID Representative, D7080

Box 1583, 684288 Hwy 2 W,
Woodstock, ON Canada N4S 0A7
Phone (519) 537-3753
See pictures of our recent humanitarian aid trips,

Haiti Earthquake Relief - Update

Rotarians are on the ground in Haiti developing projects, and even more Rotarians are supporting that effort through donations to the Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund.

Click here for the detailed August 2010 Report listing projects, project funding, pictures, and proposed projects.

Click here for the District 7020 Haiti Taskforce website. Included are maps, pictures, videos, and detailed reports of Rotary's continuing response to the tragedy.

Click here on how you can contribute to Haiti Earthquake Relief.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Listening Tour Southern Route Report

Fayetteville NC Listening Tour!
Two Southern Route Listening Locations, in Fayetteville North Carolina, and in Charlotte North Carolina, got Rotary leaders talking and thinking about support of their mission to make bigger, better, bolder clubs!
More Fayetteville - with the RC 
In Fayetteville, District leaders from District 7730 met with the RC Team. The event was hosted by DGE Mark Lynch, and the 7730 delegation was led by DG Magda Baggett.

The "Who Ya Gonna Call" Caravan  

The RC Team caravaned from Fayetteville to Charlotte in four vehicles emblazoned with the "Who Ya Gonna Call - RC Team" logo.

7680 DG Peera listens intently
Charlotte LT knows who they're gonna call
In Charlotte, District leaders from three districts, 7680, 7690 and 7750 in South Carolina, met and discussed important issues and needs they saw from their various perspectives. The event was hosted by DGE Allen Langley and the 7680 delegation was led by DG Firoz Peera. DGN Karen Gramling from District 7750 was present, as was DGN Rick Snyder from District 7690.

Additional action steps from these sessions are being worked on by the RC Team, and will be integrated into the action steps developed in weekend one, before being narrowed and prioritized. See the itinerary for the listening tour. See the action steps progress.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Generation Y Articles

PDG Paul Frey of District 7620 shares several recent articles his membership chair identified as reading for Rotarians seeking to recruit new members.

See The Big Disconnect Managing Generations Leadership Training and How Generation Y Will Evolve Leadership.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Listening Tour Northern Route a Success

Rotarians celebrate at the Norfolk Va Listening Tour
The RC Team conducted Listening Tours with district leaders around the north half of Zone 33 on August 13-14, 2010. Enthusiastic district leaders met their RC Team, and exchanged important insights into the issues, goals, and needed resources for success in building Bigger, Better, Bolder Rotary clubs in their districts.

Around the table in Annapolis MD
The Tour had stops in Norfolk VA, Annapolis MD, Morgantown WV, and Bluefield WV.
ARC Abe Clymer rides in style!

The RC Team in attendance included RC Bevin Wall, ARC Tim Mannix, ARC Abe Clymer, ARC Nancy Barbee, and PIRG J.W. Arnold for part of the tour. The team spent about 30 minutes on introductions, and the other 2 hours on listening to district leaders letting them set the agenda.

Action Items are being developed as a result of these Listening Tour stops!
DG Ranjit's house- Morgantown WV

Special thanks to event hosts 7600 DG Jayne Sullivan, 7620 DGE Claude Morissette, 7530 DG Ranjit Majumber, and 7550 DGN Ernie Hays for great venue arrangements.

Click here for more information on the upcoming Southern leg of the Listening Tour.
Bluefield WV gives a Cheer!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Value of Becoming a Rotarian

1)  Participation, by invitation only, in one of the most prestigious organizations in the world.

2) Join an organization with a mission to build world peace, and practice good citizenship.

3) Have structured time for networking and leadership development.

4) have an opportunity to give back to others (service above self)

5) Enjoy fun and fellowship, educational programs and become involved in community service. (laugh, learn, leave a legacy)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RYLA Trainers & Teens - READ Training Institute Coming Up

Come join us for the first annual READ Training Institute October 15-17, 2010 in western North Carolina. This conference will be a weekend long opportunity for RYLA directors and other RYLA affiliates (i.e. Rotarians, counselors, sponsors) to network and gain activities and ideas for their District’s RYLA program. The training weekend will include a combination of workshops related to RYLA topics like ethics, community service, outdoor/experiential leadership, group and team dynamics, and specific youth leadership activities.

There will also be a RYLA teen program offered as a part of the conference. 15-20 high school teens will have the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, learn more about themselves and their peers, and interact with the Rotarian conference attendees. Visit
 http://www.brevardrotary.org/READ.html for more information and the link to registration. Hope to see you in North Carolina this fall!

Information provided by Rtn. Rod Webb

Friday, August 6, 2010

Clean Water Project Trips Set for Haiti, Honduras

Pure water for the World has 2 trips to the Caribbean and Central America scheduled for Fall 2010.

Click here for more information on this trip.

Click here for the website.

Preview of the Rotary Institute- Naples Florida

The Rotary (Zone) Institute is an annual event for current and past Officers of Rotary International. This year, the event is in Naples, Florida, on 30 September to 3 October. The theme: A New Decade of Service...Imagine the Possibilities - is a timely subject for 2010.  What will the future bring?  What can we do to strengthen our clubs, increase our humanitarian service and enhance our public image?

Program Highlights:  
  • Darryl Cobbin, one of the nation's foremost marketing experts, to explain how to use 'the Rotary Brand'
  • Bram Bluestein, senior advisor to Insight In Action, to focus us on customer service
  • Foundation Trustee David Morgan to help us visualize "Building Communities and Bridging Continents"
  • Ramesh Ferris, a polio survivor, to narrate his 'Cycle to Walk' story
  • Bill Shillito to update us on Alzheimer's research
  • a 'Haiti Symposium' 
  • RI President Elect Kalyan Banerjee, who will share his view of the future of Rotary with us
  • Danny Catt reciting his exciting wildlife adventure.
  • a series of interactive small group breakouts on "Image the Possibilities".
To register, go to www.rizones33-34.org/institute2010.html .  If you have any questions, please contact our Registrar Jim Probsdorfer at probs@verizon.net

Rotary's Haiti Relief Plan Swings into Action

Rotarian Stephen Cooper (rear); Pamela Solman,
member of the Good Samaritan Foundation
 of Haiti; and Joseph Phelix, founder
and director of the foundation,
 distribute food to residents of
Île à Vache in June.
Photo courtesy of Stephen Cooper

“This is the most tragic situation that you can imagine. The support from Rotary and the world has really stepped up to help and thank you for it.” 
Past District 7020 Governor and Haiti District Coordinator Dick McCombe

Click here to get the latest news on how Rotarians are addressing the tremendous human suffering in Haiti.

To find out how to help, click here.

Who has PR Grants?

Click here for a list of Public Relations Grants across Zone 33. Are there any opportunities to collaborate next year? Contact our Public Image Resource Group Coordinator- J.W. Arnold.

Interact, Rotary & RCC Statistics

How Does Your District Stack Up? Click here for the Zone 33 statistics.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Basics... work!

From Rotary 360, Zones 25-26 Rotary Coordinator Blog

From time to time, I find an excellent "best practices" idea. Following is a report from the Rotary Club of Springfield, Oregon (D511)) who had a spectacular year of bringing in new members in 2009-2010 and seems well on their way to having another great year. Read on.........

Monday, August 2, 2010

Excitement Builds for Listening Tours

The RC Team is excited- and district leaders appear to be excited also- that the "Who Ya Gonna Call" Express is on its way to a location near them for a Listening Tour!

While some conflicts are inevitable at this time of the year among busy people (and we know you are busy!), the tour locations give many district leaders a built in alternative date and/or location.

Please try to make it!

Click here for more on the schedule dates, times and locations.

The RC Team - of:
RC Bevin Wall 
ARC Tim Mannix
ARC Abe Clymer
ARC Jim Probsdorfer
ARC Nancy Barbee
PIRG J.W. Arnold

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zone 33 Rotary Foundation Giving Records Announced

Congratulations, Zone 33 Rotarians for your support of our Rotary Foundation in 2009-10. Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (RRFC) Joe Mulkerrin announced the spectacular results in the Zone 33 TRF Newsletter for August 2010, available here.

 In summary: #3 worldwide in Annual Giving ($4.6M), #4 worldwide Annual Giving per capita ($124), $1.35M to Polio Eradication (up 24%), No non-giving clubs, #8 worldwide in Total Giving ($6.6M), and much more! Congratulations, RRFC Joe, the RRFC Team, DGs, DRFCs and your District TRF Teams! Phenomenal!

Remarkable Polio Case Count

The world has never seen so few polio cases. We are on the threshold of total eradication. This year Nigeria has 6 cases compared to 349 this time last year. India has 24 compared to 152. Cases in non-endemic countries are up - but under control. The battle is not over but the enemy is in retreat. View WHO weekly case count.

Polio Challenge Update

As of today $142 million has been donated to the $200 million challenge. Clubs are encouraged to contribute a minimum of US$2000 for each Rotary year of this campaign. Districts are encouraged to contribute at least 20% of their DDF each Rotary year. Certificates of appreciation will be issued to those clubs and districts that meet these goals.